Crank up the air-con: Philippine ‘summer’ officially starts today

Although, technically speaking, tropical countries don’t have summers as such, changes in meteorological conditions are set to bring hotter, more humid to the Philippines from today

The official start of what is called ‘summer’ in the Philippines has been announced today (Wednesday, April 5).

Although, technically, there is no ‘summer’ as such in tropical countries like the Philippines, the passing of the ‘Amihan’ — the cool northeast monsoon season — means even warmer and more humid days to come with the arrival of the southwest monsoon, or ‘Habagat’.

A statement from the national bureau, PAGASA, said: “The day-to-day weather will gradually become warmer and drier in the coming weeks partly due to the dominance of the ridge of North Pacific High Pressure area and easterlies.

“This would also signify the start of the dry season.

“However, some isolated rain showers and thunderstorms are expected in the afternoon or evening particularly over the eastern sections due to localised convection.”

There is also the possibility of moderate to rough coastal waters particularly along the eastern section of Luzon and Visayas due to the strong easterly wind.

Meanwhile, Mindanao will have scattered rain showers and thunderstorms due to the migration of the Intertropical Convergence Zone or the passage of easterly waves.

Last year, PAGASA declared the arrival of on March 18.

As we have previously reported (here) there is a possibility that this could be particularly dry due to the influence of El Niño.

If the gets too much for you, could we recommend a trip to the cool airs of Baguio, the nation’s Summer Capital, or Tagaytay, right on the doorstep of Manila?

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