Philippine-Saudi agreement guarantees better conditions for Filipino workers

Saudi Arabia

Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs) working in Saudi Arabia are now seeing better working conditions thanks to a ‘labour pact’ that has been signed by the Saudi Arabia Government.

The agreement was put into place last year, but took the Saudi Cabinet a long time to agree on the terms and conditions of the pact.

Under the agreement, Filipino will receive a minimum monthly of SR1,500, their own bank account, weekly rest days and daily rest periods.

Filipinos will also be given paid holiday leave, non-withholding of passports and/or work permits, free communication and guaranteed humane treatment as part of the agreement between the two countries.

Those covered by the agreement include housemaids, laundry workers, babysitters, drivers, cooks and gardeners.

Arab News said the pact was signed in early May but received final approval this week.

The agreement came after a long-term freeze on recruitment of domestic amid complaints from the Philippine Government over excessive abuse claims from Filipino workers.

The agreement gives the Philippines a glimmer of hope that the approval of the pact will in effect lift the ban, returning many OFW’s to the Arab country.