Philippine immigration office took more than three billion pesos in 2014

Philippines Bureau of Immigration Sets All-Time Collections Record –

MANILA – The Bureau of Immigration collected an all-time record in 2014, surpassing the three billion peso mark.

BI commissioner Siegfred Mison said the 3.022 billion peso income for 2014 is 36.628 million higher then its 2013 mark. The BI says it is due to an more professional workforce.


In 2014 the BI implemented several changes in the system including – one-way processing of visa transactions (with specific timelines to avoid papers from going back and forth between offices – field office were moved to malls for easier access for clients and cashless payments were allowed for convience of transaction for the public.

Mison also noted the increase in revenue is from foreign nationals staying or living in the Philippines.

BI personally were trained in values, leadership and customer service. Hiring of immigration officers and other employees were not based solely on merit and fitness, said Mison.


“We will always be thankful to our Secretary of Justice, the Secretary of Budget and Management, and the President, for hearing out our need for additional personnel,” said Mison.

The bureau boosted morale by encouraging bureau-wide participation in activities such as flash mob, fun run, human flag formation, and the BI music video “Tara Na.” Mison noted that after seeing the massive influx of cash, the government will no doubt give adequate allocations to support their future goals.

For 2015, the BI budget for the agency will be 711.526 million pesos direct from the General Appropriations Act. Of that amount 148 million pesos will be for IT equipment, vehicles and construction and improvement of facilities.