Philippine Embassy’s new service to make life easier for Filipinos in the USA



The Philippine Embassy in Washington D.C. will begin to authorise ‘notary public’ in its consular jurisdiction, making it easier for Fil-am and Filipinos living within the US to authenticate documents.

Ambassador Jose Cuisia Jr said: “Such accreditation would benefit those who need to present notarized documents for use in the Philippines, as they would not have to go through subsequent authentication by respective State Secretaries prior to the Embassy’s legalization of the document.  It saves them time and resources.”
The consular jurisdiction in Washington extends to various states including:
1- Virginia
2- West Virginia
3- Tennessee
4- South Carolina
5- Maryland
6- Kentucky
7- Georgia
8- Florida
9- Alabama
10- District of Columbia
“For the authentication of documents, the Embassy requires notarized documents to be authenticated by Secretaries of State prior to authentication by a Philippine consular official,” the ambassador added.
Accreditation will be valid until the end of the calendar year which they are notarised in and will be subject to the validity of the commissions of the notary public.
Anyone seeking information from the Embassy’s Consular Section can contact them at:
Embassy Consular Section
(202) – 467-9382