Philippine Eagle Foundation hatches 27th Philippine eaglet in captivity

Philippine eagle
Davao City’s “Philippine Eagle Foundation” Hatches 27th Philippine Eagle in Captivity –

The Philippine Eagle Foundation announced it successfully hatched the 27th Philippine eaglet on February 4.

The eaglet is the second offspring of the pair of MVP Eagle and Go Phoenix couple since they became partners in 2013.


Officials for the foundation say the eaglet is active and alert and can already lift its head, sit and follow objects even though it is only a few days old.


Officials said: “This milestone will hopefully usher in a new generation of eagles that will help repopulate our forests and, in turn, serve as ambassadors for saving many other lifeforms who share the rainforest with them. We invite everyone to get involved to help our country save its national heritage and treasures.”


Philippine eagles mate for life and will produce only a single egg during any given breeding season.

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