How to Get or Renew a Philippine Driver’s License

A driver’s license is the most important thing in a driver’s wallet. In the Philippines, before anyone can legally drive any vehicle, he or she must obtain a driver’s license from the Land Transportation Office (LTO).

Although getting a driver’s license could turn out to be a hassle (as most people say), knowing the ins and outs of the process could help you have a better application or renewal experience.

To help you there, here are a few details you need to know about how to get or renew a Philippine driver’s license.

How to Get or Renew a Philippine Driver’s License

Steps on How to Get or Renew a Philippine Driver’s License

How To Renew Your Philippine Driver’s License

Believe it or not, applying for the renewal of your driver’s license can be done with relative ease and comfort. Want to know how to do it? Simply follow the steps below:

1. Settle your records or violations

The first thing you need to do is to make sure you’re cleared of any traffic violations. Without settling your fines, you won’t be allowed to advance in the process and renew your license.

2. Visit the LTO’s online services portal

Simply visit and look for the “Driver’s License Renewal” option and click on the icon.

3. Fill out your license information

Provide your license number, date of birth, full name, address, e-mail address, and contact number.

4. Choose which LTO branch you’ll be visiting and make an appointment

Pick your preferred time and date. Once you’re done, log-in to your email. You will receive a notification saying your booking was successful. Be sure to confirm your appointment within three days of booking.

5. Fill out the license application form and get a medical

6. Show up to your appointment and follow the instructions given by the office

Be sure to bring all the necessary documents needed. This includes a) your driver’s license application form, b) your current licensed card, c) medical certificate issued by an LTO-licensed physician, d) government ID, and e) a copy of your appointment slip.

7. Congratulations! You’ve just renewed your license!

How To Get A Philippine Driver’s License

Similar to renewing, getting your driver’s license isn’t that bad, especially if you’re well equipped with knowledge about the ins and outs of the process.

For your guide, simply follow these steps below.

1. Visit your preferred LTO branch and bring the required documents.

*This includes a completed driver’s license application form, medical certificate, NBI and PNP clearance, a valid SP (for RC 1,2,4 and 6) or a valid NPDL (for RC 3,5,7 and 8).

2. Wait to have your picture and signature taken.

3. Proceed to the cashier for payment. Get the official receipt.

4. Undergo a written exam in the form of Basic Driving Theory Test. Wait for the results.

5. Take the practical driving exam.

6. Upon approval, you can now claim your license and Official Receipt.

How Much Will It Cost?

  • Application Fee: P100
  • Computer Fee: P67.63
  • License Fee: P585
  • Computer Fee: P67.63

TOTAL: P820.26

Contact Number

For any concerns, be sure to get in touch with the Land Transportation Office (LTO). You can visit their central office in East Avenue, Quezon City or simply go to their website.


There is no better day to get or renew your driver’s license than today. Be sure to keep this guide in mind as you prepare to get back on the road in no time.