Philippine Department of Tourism wants scuba diving industry regulated


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Philippines Department of Tourism Wants Scuba Diving Industry Regulated –

The Department of Tourism (DOT) is set to implement within the first quarter of 2015 the first-ever set of rules regulating the scuba diving industry in the Philippines. 

The DOT through its attached agency, the Philippine Commission on Scuba Diving (PCSSD), recently concluded consultations with industry veterans and representatives of certifying agencies to finalise the guidelines that “will regulate and streamline the Philippine scuba diving industry,” according to PCSSD executive director Karen Chan.

The new rules and regulations are being put forward to ensure the scuba diving industry’s development as a key product.

“The Philippines must really step up and take its rightful place as the best scuba destination in the world,” Chan said.

Prior to the consultations, the PCSSD prepared its own study—a Regulatory Impact Statement on scuba diving operations in the country—one of the projects funded with the US$7.1 million in given to the DOT by the government of Canada.

The fund, administered by the Asian Development Bank, is intended to help the DOT reduce the red tape that affects businesses in the sector.

Chan said that among the recommendations of the study was the finalization of the implementing rules and regulations to govern the industry by the first quarter of 2015.

During the public consultations held in Batangas, Palawan, Cebu and Davao—some of the favorite dive spots in the country—divers and stakeholders welcomed the proposed rules, Chan said.

The scuba professionals and owners of dive establishments are looking for concrete plans on regulate businesses that do not conform to DOT safety and security standards, Chan said.