Four tourists die in the waters off Philippine beaches in first weeks of 2019

Philippine beaches

Less than three weeks into the new year, a fourth tourist has died while swimming or scuba diving off Philippine beaches.

The latest victim was Chinese visitor Liu Ran, who died while snorkelling in Island’s Coral Garden Snorkelling Area on Wednesday (January 16).

The 23-year-old was with a group of friends at about 11am when one of the group, Neno Shi, noticed that he was “catching his breath” and clutching at his chest while holding on to the side of a boat.

Asked if he was feeling okay, Mr Liu answered that he was fine. However, moments later his friends noticed that he was floating face down several metres away from the boat.

He was rushed to the island’s Metropolitan Doctors Medical Clinic where he was declared dead. It is believed he suffered a heart attack. 

The same cause of death was recorded for a 63-year-old Canadian who died while snorkelling off Pamilacan Island in Bohol province.

Benoit Labrosse, a retired aviation services officer, was rushed to a hospital on Monday (January 14) where he was declared on arrival.

Last Friday (January 11) saw another tourist death when Korean Jeyoung Kim died while swimming at Station Three.

According to the Daily Guardian, he was spotted floating in the water by Russian tourist Elena Urbanik, who at first assumed he was simply relaxing.

After she noticed he had not moved for several minutes, she raised the alarm and called other swimmers to help bring the 31-year-old ashore.

Once on the beach, a Swedish tourist performed CPR before he was rushed to hospital, where he was pronounced dead.

Another Korean drowned while scuba diving off Panglao Island in Bohol province on Monday, January 7.

Kyeongryun Kim, aged 34, was spotted struggling by his companion, Icklea Kim, after heavy currents pulled out his diving regulator mouthpiece.

Ms Icklea tried to pull her friend back towards shallower waters, but she too got caught up in the current.

She then appealed for help from bystanders who were able to bring the unconscious body of Kyeongryun ashore. Attempts at resuscitation failed to revive him.

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