Philippine Army to investigate killing of Winston Ragos

Philippine Army to investigate killing of Winston Ragos
Philippine Army to investigate killing of (Image from Mitzi Ragos)

The Philippine Army is now investigating the killing of their former member, Corporal Winston Ragos, who was shot dead at a checkpoint in Quezon City, its spokesman said.

Philippine Army Commanding General Gilbert Gapay ordered the investigation to give justice to Cpl. Winston Ragos, according to Philippine Army spokesperson Ramon Zagala.

“Lt. Gen Gilbert I. Gapay, Commanding General, Philippine Army ordered an investigation to be conducted by the Army Judge Advocate in coordination with in order that justice be given to the death of Ragos,” said Zagala.

The Philippine Army said Ragos was granted a complete disability discharge due to his mental disorder.

“In November 2017, Ragos was given a complete disability discharge from his military service, complete with pension and other assistance, after being diagnosed with a mental disorder. To a soldier, the wounds of war are not just physical but also mental, and their scars are not always visible,” said Zagala.

He said they would cooperate with the Philippine National Police for the investigation of the incident.

Ragos, a retired member of the Philippine Army, was pronounced dead when police shot him in Barangay Pasong Putik. Police said Ragos threatened and yelled at them and refused to go home; they also said they found a gun in his sling bag.

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Philippine Army to investigate killing of Winston Ragos

PNP spokesperson Police Brigadier General Bernard Banac, meanwhile, reiterated that Florendo made a “judgment call” as his life was supposedly in danger because of Ragos’ actions before he was shot dead.

Banac acknowledged that under normal circumstances, a cop could have disabled a suspect, but in Ragos’ case, he was also threatening the police officer.

He also backed up that authorities indeed found a gun inside the sling bag of Ragos. The victim’s family, however, claimed Ragos was not armed.

According to alias “Ella,” a friend of the victim, Ragos, was carrying a bag and was unarmed when the incident occurred. This is contrary to what the police said that he was carrying a .38 caliber gun.

Eyewitnesses also have repeatedly asked Police Master Sergeant Daniel Florendo not to shoot Ragos.

Ragos’ sister Janet Macahilig also confirmed that Ragos had post-traumatic stress disorder after being assigned to Marawi.