How To Make Money At Home With YouTube Ad Revenue

If you can do what your favorite Youtubers do, you should because you can make major coin with Youtube ad revenue. After all, Youtube is the second highest search tool used by people after Google. And the more people that watch your videos, the more you get paid.

And that’s the reason why popular YouTubers like Ranz Kyle are earning millions from this platform. How? Well, there are many answers, but the most significant one being Youtube ad revenue. The platform pays you for each ad view and the earnings are huge.

So, what’s stopping you from using the platform and earning money from home through Youtube ads? All you need is a wonderful idea and an active YouTube channel for money to start flowing in. We’ve got a helpful guide up next on how to get Youtube ad revenue.

How to Make Side Money At Home With YouTube Ad Revenue

How Much Can You Earn From YouTube Ad Revenue?

There’s no limit. On the one hand there are folks earning nothing because they don’t have a strategy. And on the other hand there are people making millions. Which side you fall on is the matter of how you take action after reading this article.

On average, top YouTubers earn PHP 310,000 – PHP 4,990,000 per month from YouTube ad revenue. The platform pays around 150-250 PHP per 1000 views. YouTube ads contribute a significant fraction to all the money YouTubers make.

How Does YouTube Ad Revenue Work?

Youtube takes money from businesses to run their ads on the platform in return for a fee. It gives a part of the revenue generated by these ads to the publisher of the .

Let’s see an example- Mr. X creates popular videos on YouTube, and the platform attaches ads to his videos. Each time one of his viewers watches or clicks on the link in the ad, YouTube gets paid by the business. A percentage of this revenue goes to Mr. X’s account.

How to Earn from YouTube Ads

Now that we know why YouTube pays and how much it pays, it’s time to learn how to make money from the ads. To simplify it for you, we’ve broken down the process into three steps.

Create a Youtube channel – Think of a hobby, interest, service, or skill that you can share with others. Be it excellent cooking skills, craft, reading, or a tickling sense of humor- people love to watch content that gives value.

Once you’ve thought of an idea, go to YouTube and sign up. Done? It’s time to create your first video and upload it on your YouTube channel.

Promote your YouTube channel – Your job doesn’t end with uploading your first video on your channel. There are millions of videos on YouTube, how will people find yours?

You will have to promote your YouTube channel in your network and on social media platforms. You can get in touch with some established channels and ask for a shout-out. Yet another way is to engage with other channels in your niche and get seen by people.

Monetize your YouTube channel – Once you’ve reached 1000 subscribers and 4000 watched on your YouTube channel, you can start earning from ads. To do so, you have to monetize your channel.

You’ll get the monetization option in the account settings of your channel. Once you apply for monetization, YouTube will review your channel and verify your request. Follow the step-by-step instruction given to you once your application is verified.

How to Make Side Money At Home With YouTube Ad Revenue

What to do After Monetizing Your Channel?

YouTube pays you only when someone watches an ad for at least 5-20 seconds or clicks on the ad link. Hence, you may have thousands of viewers, but if they just skip to your videos, you won’t make a penny.

To make sure your viewers watch the ads, it’s important to create videos with relevant content. That way, the viewers who are attracted to a specific niche (like tech, , or fashion) will come to your channel.

Such viewers are more likely to watch or click on ads related to that niche. Most importantly, be consistent and don’t stop creating content in the initial days when you have fewer views.

How To Make Money With Youtube Ad Revenue Conclusion

Whenever you try something new, the beginning point feels difficult. But if you continue it seems to get easier. So if you really want to make cash with Youtube videos, you’ve got to post consistently until you hit those magic numbers. It will happen if you stay persistent.