Download The Waze App To Access Waze Live Map  

A lot of us rely on Google maps to get around, but new apps like Waze Live Map are upping their game to give you even better directions. Hard to believe, but people used to travel with paper maps to get where they wanted to go before.

It was hard to find the shortest route possible and you wouldn’t know if there was traffic or problems ahead. Thanks to our smartphones, that’s all a part of the past. These act as a satellite navigation system and show us the route with the use of GPS systems.

Waze Live Map is a navigation app that helps users get where they are going faster and more easily. The application also helps one beat the traffic. Up next we’ve got everything you need to know about how to navigate Waze Live Maps. Download The Waze App To Access Waze Live Map  

What Is Waze Live Map?

Waze is an internationally renowned community-based GPS and navigational app owned by Google since 2013. Originally, the app was designed and developed by an Israeli mobile company known as Waze Mobile.

The application helps you find directions and avoid traffic jams, thus guiding you through the shortest and the least traffic-y route possible while driving. With the app, users can update one another about traffic jams, police traps, speed cams, and other things.

The app is completely user-based, and data can be submitted both automatically as users start driving, and manually by entering on the app.

Features Of Waze Live Map

The primary function of the app is to help its users get to their destination by the shortest possible route. However, the application has some appealing features that make the app one of its type, and a must-have mapping app.

As every mapping and navigation app, Waze provides you with turn-by-turn guidance with voice alerts to be prompt and specific to your location. It also offers the users with details of traffic jams, road closures due to or any local hazards, speed cameras.

In addition, Waze also provides you with the location of police patrols and mobile speed checks that help the drivers slow down their ride. The app is also available in many languages. You can also record your own voice for a directional purpose.

How Does Waze Work?

The app is completely based on its slogan – ”Traffic starts with us, but it can end with us, too.” With over 100 million users sharing their valuable trip information about what they encounter along the way, Waze stays updated about anything that can slow down your trip.

Inputs made by other Waze users let the app alert you about anything that is going to come on your road.

Download The Waze App To Access Waze Live Map  

Why Did Google Acquire Waze?

Google acquired the Israeli mapping service Waze in 2013 for a reported price tag of $1.3 billion. Before this, the name of the application was FreeMap Israel. There are various theories on why Google acquired Waze. Some of the popular theories are mentioned below.

  • Waze did not really have any competitors and due to its user engagement. Google acquired the app to spread Waze’s user engagement culture to its other services.
  • Many believe the acquisition to be a Google’s defensive move. So, that competitors like Apple, Facebook would not have access to the Waze’s technology and users.
  • Google Map lacked some of the key features like reporting accidents, police traps, speed cams, and others. Waza has all these features that are very useful for any mapping software.

According to a report by Forbes, the price tag of the Waze was just a small fraction of Google’s $50 billion cash stack – this reason is alone too compelling to justify the acquisition.

How Much Does It Cost?

The application can easily be downloaded on both iOS and Android platforms from their respective App Stores free. For the app to work properly, your device must have GPS and GSM connectivity.

You will rack up charges on data however, so it might be a good idea to disable the app when you’re not using it.