Singapore Domestic Helper Jobs Available – How To Apply

The number of helper jobs in Singapore for foreigners is growing thanks to the growth of the Singaporean economy. Singapore has been an emerging hub of economic activity for several years now.

This evolving economy has also brought about a sea change in the nature and kind of jobs that are available here. At present, helpers are amongst the most sought after people in Singapore.

From the job seeker’s point of view, the job of a helper in Singapore is both adequately rewarding and at the same time flexible and accommodating. Let us look at the various aspects of the domestic helper jobs and other helper jobs in Singapore, and know how you can apply for one.

Singapore Domestic Helper Jobs Available - How To Apply

What Are Helper Jobs In Singapore?

The primary role of a helper is to assist the employer in his or her daily activities, professional commitments, domestic chores, and other tasks as the case may be.

The scope of the of the helper is defined by the job responsibilities discussed at the time of the employment contract. This, in turn, depends on what the employer is looking for, and it can be as wide and as narrow as it may go!

What are the various kinds of helper jobs?

Helper jobs in Singapore can be of various types, depending upon the scope of work.

  • Office helper jobs

These jobs require the candidate to in an office setup, assisting the employer in clerical activities like noting, drafting & data entry, etc.

  • Domestic helper jobs

As a domestic helper, one needs to perform day-to-day household chores like cooking, cleaning, washing, and babysitting, etc.

  • Technical helper jobs

This category of jobs is available in all minds of industries, especially in manufacturing & operations. Moreover, these require a specific technical skillset depending upon the industry. Examples include mechanical helper, delivery helper, etc.

Eligibility For Jobs In Singapore

The eligibility requirements for the helper jobs in Singapore vary largely with the nature and scope of the job. Some opportunities may require the candidate to possess some kind of formal vocational training, while others may not require one. Similarly, some jobs may ask for past records.

In a nutshell, there are no hard and fast requirements for most of the helper jobs in Singapore. This, in fact, is one of the key attractions for many candidates. However, it is desirable to have good communication skills, ethics, and a spotless track record.

How To Apply for Jobs in Singapore?

The best way to apply for helper jobs in Singapore is to apply through one of the several job search portals and career websites available in the Philippines. These job portals are easy to use.

They have a large number of job listings and can prove to be instrumental in your job search. Further, there is no cost in browsing through and applying for jobs through these platforms.

For example, the job search portal lists dozens of helper jobs of different kinds, for several locations including Singapore. Other popular job search sites that you can explore are Monster & Jooble. Use the following steps to land your dream job.

Step-1 Profile Building

You should sign-up on the portal and build an elaborate digital profile. You can do that either by uploading your resume or by manually entering the required details.

Step-2 Searching the right job

Start searching for the most relevant jobs by using the advanced search feature that is available on most of these portals. Here, you can apply filters of job location, work profile and salary range, etc. to quickly reach your dream job and apply for it.

Step-3 Applying

Once you have shortlisted the jobs that interest you, apply for any of them easily through the portal. Your profile will be shared by the employer for consideration. However, make sure to read the job profile carefully before applying, to avoid future hassles.

Singapore Domestic Helper Jobs Available - How To Apply

Jobs In Singapore Conclusion

Helper jobs in Singapore are not very difficult to find if you have the right knowledge and strong intent.  You can land your desired job as a helper in a matter of days by using reliable job search platforms.