Shopify Apps – How To Download The Best Free Apps

There are tons of ways to make money on Shopify with Shopify apps. Shopify is a leading name in the world of e-commerce that lets you start, grow, and manage your business on their pay-to-play platform.

With Shopify, you can create and customize your online store, and also manage your inventory level, keep a record of payments and also assist you with the shipping. The apps help you find new products to sell as well as help you manage your online store with ease.

However, it becomes a Herculean task to browse through all the applications and find the one that will cost you nothing. Therefore, we’ve highlighted some of the best and completely free-to-use apps that can aid the expansion of your trade.Shopify Apps - How To Download The Best Free Apps


Printful is one of the best Shopify apps for syncing with your Shopify Store to sell print-on-demand products. The best thing about the app is that, when the customer places an order on the Shopify app, it is automatically sent to the Printful.

The app assists business owners in handling, production, and shipping the orders in a risk-free manner. Printful’s catalog includes various customized products such as t-shirts, mugs, jewelry, hats, swimwear, beanbags, and other things.

The app is absolutely free-to-use and does not charge any monthly or startup fees. All you have to pay for is the cost of the product that you are willing to sell and whatever the shipping cost shall be.

Ultimate Sales Boost

The Ultimate Sales Boost an app is an excellent tool for store owners in order to boost their online sales. The app is basically a collection of conversion rate optimization or CRO-focused features that helps you in generating more sales.

As e-commerce traders, the shop-owners can drive more sales with a sense of urgency, trust, and scarcity. The app features a countdown timer and low stock countdown to help generate the notion of scarcity.

With the app’s timers and countdowns, customers can get a quick indication of the popularity of the product. The app’s starter pack is free, but the basic and professional plan costs you a few bucks. While the basic plan costs PHP 507, the professional plans is PHP 1522.


Shopcodes are the QR codes that help online customers to find their desired product with ease on your online store. The customers can easily scan the QR codes or Shopcodes in this case, with the help of their smartphone, and make the purchase in real-time.

The motive of the app is to help offline shoppers learn about your product through the scanned code. With the help of Shopcodes, can use special discount codes to reward the customers for their loyalty.

The Shopcodes can be used as a measure to advertise offline. Also, it can be used to promote the products, partnerships, or discounts available with the packaging inserts.


Oberlo is a free dropshipping app on Shopify that enables small business owners to search the marketplace and import products to their own Shopify store. You can choose products from major online giants like AliExpress.

And then you can add them to your own store or deliver it directly to customers in a couple of clicks. The app allows young entrepreneurs to start a very low-risk business with the innovative idea of dropshipping.

Oberlo is free for small businesses importing just about 500 products or up to 50 orders a month. Additionally, the upgrades can give you the benefits of unlimited orders and multiple users at a cost of PHP 4060.

Shopify Apps - How To Download The Best Free Apps


These trouble-free apps will help you promote your store, sell products, reward customers, and also help in inventory management and shipping issues so can focus on business growth. For more of the Shopify apps, you can visit the Shopify App Store as well.