How to Apply for a PNB Auto Loan


Hitting the road wild and free in your own car can be pricey so you might want to check out a PNB Auto Loan. Getting a loan is one of the most difficult decisions you have to make in life. First, you have to think, if the debt is a good one to carry or a bad one.

When it comes to an auto loan, you want the one with the best interest rates, and by low, the idea is low. The loan period should also be reasonable and the financing should at least cover most of the cost for the car. That’s exactly what PNB is offering with their auto loans.


With the Philippines National Bank (PNB), one thing is clear when trying to get a loan from the bank – you’re getting a good deal. Read on to find out how you can secure an auto loan with PNB. Info on qualification, pricing, among other services is next.

How to Apply for a PNB Auto Loan

How Much Can I Apply For?

The first thing you’d like to know before anything when applying for a loan is how much you’ll be getting. When applying for an auto loan with PNB, you can get a loan of around 80% of the value of the car you’re looking to buy. This is when you’re buying a new car. Loans for second-hand cars a loan are around 75% of the car price.


The least amount you can get for a new car when it comes to an auto loan at PNB is around PHP 300,000. This should be enough to get a decent car for anyone in the country. For a second-hand car, the least amount you can get is PHP 150,000.

With both, the potential amount you can get is quite reasonable enough to get a good car. That’s why with PNB, you get a good deal when applying for an auto loan.

Am I Eligible?

Like every other loan in the market, getting an auto loan also comes with a number of requirements. For an auto loan with PNB, you need to be between 21 and 65 years old and you have to be earning. You must be able to prove your income too.

There are some requirements that are needed for you to apply for the auto loan. They include income documents, this is so that you can prove your income, whether you’re self-employed or employed. You then have to produce two copies of identification — either a valid national ID or a passport.

The other requirement is you have to be a Philippines citizen or a foreigner based in the Philippines as a resident. You then need to have a duly accomplished loan application form attached to all these documents.

How to Apply for a PNB Auto Loan

How To Apply For A PNB Auto Loan

When it comes to the application process of the auto loan, you can begin the whole process online. First of all, you can use the bank’s online calculator to find out how much you can borrow. The calculator factors in every aspect of your financial life before coming up with the amount you’re likely to get.

Now, while still on the bank’s site, you can easily locate the auto loan application form. The form is below the calculator. Download it and read it comprehensively before filling it out completely. Don’t leave any part unfilled, as this may be the difference between you getting or being denied the auto loan you want.

Lastly, after you have filled your form and have read all the terms and conditions, it’s time to go and make a formal application. This is done at the bank, where you’ll have to go in person with the required documents and the application form.

What Is The Financing Period?

The other crucial part about any loan, not just an auto loan, is the financing period of the loan. With PNB, you can pay your auto loan in around 60 months and that’s for both a second-hand car and a new car.

The 60 months, however, is the longest period you can have to pay up the loan depending on how much you borrowed for your car.

How To Contact PNB

Telephone – (+632) 8573 8888
Bank Email – customercare@​

How to Apply for a PNB Auto Loan Conclusion

Getting a car can be a defining moment in your life and you need the right kind of financing if you’re looking to get the car through a loan. Understand all the details above and then decide whether or not a loan with PNB is right for you.