UAE Jobs Available In United Arab Emirates – How to Apply?

Despite what happens in employment around the world, there seems to be no end to UAE jobs. The oil-rich country of the United Arab Emirates has seen a speedy escalation in the development of overall sectors in the past few decades.

And for the same reason, the hiring of overseas workers never seems to end in the country. UAE provides career opportunities in almost every sector – from construction to real estate, hospitality, retail trades, and service sectors.

Both entry-level and professional jobs are in demand for overseas workers in the country. The United Arab Emirates is considered the land of opportunities in the Middle East. Up next we’ve got a list of the best UAE jobs on that land.

UAE Jobs Available In United Arab Emirates - How to Apply?

High Demand for Nurses

The demand for nurses in the UAE has been consistently going up in the past couple of years. The authorities are in the path of developing strategies in recruiting and generating manpower to keep up with the growing needs of this sector.

Both private and government hospitals look to recruit registered nurses from various countries such as India, Jordan, and the Philippines. Besides the hospitals, registered nurses can also find impressive job opportunities in rehabilitation centers, outpatient facilities or senior centers.

On the salaries front, UAE provides a wide range of pay to the nurses from PHP 48000 to PHP 225000. Of course, this range varies much depends on different variables like experience, career levels, and the nature of the nursing jobs.

How to Apply To Nursing UAE Jobs?

To become registered nurses (RN), candidates must have an associate degree in nursing (ADN) or a bachelor’s degree in nursing (BSN). Some employers also require candidates to have some prior experience as RNs.

As for Filipinos, one can directly apply with the employer (nursing center or hospitals), or visit Philippine’s no. 1 job site.

UAE Jobs In Hospitality

After the oil industries, the growth of the UAE is highly dependent on the hospitality industry. With the constant growth in and resorts, there are oodles of hotel jobs on-stream. The industry includes spas, lodges, restaurants, resorts, cruises, hotels, airlines and much more.

What Kind Of Opportunities For In This Industry?

There is a wide range of career opportunities for in this sector – from chef to servers, housekeepers, public relations officers, Bartender, Department Managers and many more. Whatever your qualifications or experience, you can find a job

Whether you work in the office, take on the job of kitchen chef, supervisor or any position in the hotel, choosing a career in the UAE’s hospitality industry is always a bet.

From an earning point of view, the median salary in the UAE’s hotel industry varies. It is PHP 675000 for Receptionist, PHP 275000 for Waiter/Waitress and PHP 3038500 for the post of Hotel Manager.

How to Apply?

The qualifications to apply for a specific type of job are always dependent on the employer. However, with the relevant qualifications and a proper resume that can impress the employers; you can get your dream hospitality job at

UAE Jobs Available In United Arab Emirates - How to Apply?

Jobs in Construction Industries

The construction industry is one of the key drivers of the UAE’s economy. As per The National, more new construction companies were started in the UAE in 2019 than in any other sector. Therefore, the need of manpower for this sector is also very high. So, it’s no surprise that the management seeks foreign employees to fulfill the demand.

The construction sector in the UAE offers a wide range of posts to be fulfilled by the Filipinos. It includes various positions such as managers, engineers, masons, laborers, welders, supervisors and heavy equipment jobs.

A person working in the construction area in the UAE typically earns around PHP 150000. The salaries can range from PHP 90000 to PHP 250000. However, the book values are highly dependent on the candidates’ academic qualifications, skills, and experience.

How to Apply?

There are various ways you can apply for construction jobs in the UAE. Many recruiting agencies like Robert Half, Resolute Group are available who help to get into construction jobs in UAE. The easiest medium for a Filipino to apply for a construction job is Jobstreet.

UAE Jobs Conclusion

The UAE continues to develop and grow at a fast pace, which means UAE jobs are aplenty. If you’ve got a specialized skill or even if you’re just looking to start out, you can find an opportunity. Just do your research and ensure you are ready to move to a whole new world.