Google Study App – How To Study At Home With Classroom By Google Play

Class no longer takes place in the classroom these days, you can use Google Study App to get your learning wherever you are. This modernized way of teaching is helping both teachers and students to do better. 

However, it is often very difficult to find an ingenious virtual classroom that focuses less on tech and more on the learning process. It should help the teachers to perform all the activities like handing out assignments, managing classrooms, and communicating.

One of the ways of digitalizing the classroom effectively to change the game of tutoring is the Google Classroom. We’re not just talking about operating class through calls or conferencing. Let’s read on to find out more about this application. 

Google Study App - How To Study At Home With Classroom By Google Play

What is Google Classroom?

Google Classroom is an application designed by Google that assists in creating a collaboration of teachers and students from a long distance. It helps tutors and tutees to communicate with each other, distribute, collect, and manage assignments.

Google Classroom is a free service that any institution or individual tutors can operate through their Google account. Moreover, teachers can easily monitor the progress of each student, grade their assignments, and return the works along with comments.

Features of Google Classroom

Google developed this application with a lot of features in its tote designed specifically for students and professors. Let’s explore some of the perks of Google Classroom.

Accessible Everywhere

Google Classroom is a cloud-based application so all the works are saved automatically. These can also be easily accessed from any device with your Google account. Students will no longer forget their homework at home or worry about losing paperwork.

All Google

The web-based application makes use of various Google tools to complete its classroom behavior. It uses Gmail for communication, Google Drive for assignment creation and distribution, Google Calendar for scheduling, Google Sheets, Slides, and Docs for writing.

Easy User Interface

Teachers can add students directly or share a private code with the students in order to create the class. Teachers do not have to be tech-geniuses to handle this classroom.

The simple and paperless assignments allow teachers to create, review and mark the assignments quickly – therefore saving a lot of valuable time for teachers.

Convenient Monitoring

With Google Classroom, you can bid farewell to collect assignments alphabetically and checking the names off the list. This creates an efficient workflow system easing the information about everyone’s status and also following up with the students.

Google Study App - How To Study At Home With Classroom By Google Play

Benefits Of A Google Study App Classroom

As a free online learning platform, Google Classroom offers a pool of benefits for students, teachers, and parents as well. As for teachers, they can share learning materials with ease that students can view and download conveniently.

Additionally, tutors can also create online assignments and track the students’ performance on the given project. Moreover, students can also use the web-based platform in order to have fluent communication with the teachers and fellow students anytime.

Google Classroom is also equally beneficial to parents and guardians. Teachers can invite parents to the Google Classroom to share the summaries of students’ work, receive automated email summaries of the assignments, and make major class announcements. 

How to Set Up a Class

Google Classroom is available on Android’s Google Play Store, Apple’s App Store, and on the web. The Google Teacher Center offers you several tutorials that will help you to get started with the Classroom. 

To conclude, Google Classroom is the one app that all teachers should make use of to teach their students. The app not only saves you a lot of time and energy but also adds engagement and digitalized fun in classroom teaching.