Here’s How To Make Simple Online Payments With The Google Pay App

Time is the most valuable commodity on the planet and the Google Pay App helps you save more of it. Whether it is fostering personal relationships, self-improvement, or job promotions, you need time to make it all happen.

In an era of lightning-fast trains and light-speed shuttles, losing out on speed and time can cost you dearly. One sure-shot way of saving time is using secure access wallets while shopping. You can carry your bank account in your pocket: no cash or card needed.

Shopping wallets like Google Pay app (Gpay) allow you to make money transactions without the hassle of inputting card details. With its easy-to-use features, Google Pay has taken markets around the world by storm. Here is how you can use Gpay. 

Online Payments With The Google Pay App

What Are The Features Of The Google Pay App

Scan and Pay

Google Pay has an amazing Audio-based QR Code system. All you need to do to make your is to scan the merchant’s QR Code on your Phone and enter the purchase amount. The money will automatically be transferred.

Send and Receive money via Phone

Giving and receiving money has never been easier than now with the Google Pay app. All you have to do is enter the registered number of the recipient to transfer the money. Fill the amount and the transaction is complete.

Even if the other person does not have Google Pay, you can still send them money through the app by filling in their bank details and IFSC code.

Ditch the long lines for utility bills

You do not need to stand for hours to pay electricity or gas bills anymore. With Google Pay, you can pay for electricity, gas, insurance, and even property tax bills from the comfort of your home.

Shop online with ease

The Google Pay app has the UPI ID feature enabled. It offers much more than other card methods. The app lets you store all the information you need for a fast checkout using online shopping.

Direct Bank Payments

Unlike other wallets, Google Pay app directly connects you to your bank. You do not have to recharge your wallet to be able to pay. If there is money in your bank account, you can access it through the Gpay App sans any hassle.

Moreover, Google Pay can be used internationally with ease. Google Pay is available in 28 countries, including Canada, Australia, and Sweden.

Rewards, scratch cards, and cashback benefits

Google Pay gives users many incentives. Most of the time, your purchases are followed by scratch card benefits. These scratch cards amount to small cashback benefits.

You also get a cashback amount for referring the app to your friends. Individually dated lotteries also give you a chance to earn big cash rewards.


All transactions of the Google Pay App are encrypted and secured. Google uses secure infrastructure to protect your information with multiple layers of protection. Google uses an encrypted number instead of your account number to protect your details.

Online Payments With The Google Pay App

How To Make Online Payments With Google Play App

The simplicity of using the app is the real gem of Google Pay. Here is how you can use the app to make payments.

Step 1: Download the App

You can download the app on your device from the Google play store or the app store. The app is compatible with all non-rooted Android devices (Android Lollipop 5.0+).

Step 2: Set up Screen Lock or PIN

The next step is to set up a screen lock to secure your Google Pay app. You can use the existing screen lock or PIN of your Phone.

Step 3: Add your bank account

You have to fill in your bank account details only once in the app for a lifetime of access. Linking your account to Google Pay is easy if it is linked to your mobile number. If not, then you have to provide details like account number and IFSC code.

Step 4: Enjoy the App

Once you have successfully linked your bank account with the app, you can use all its features. You can send or receive money by tapping on the circle or pay using scanning QR codes and more.

How To Use The Google Play App Conclusion

Not too long ago we were using cash and a bank card was a rarity. But now we’re moving fast past all of that with methods that almost seem sci-fi. Ewallets are quickly becoming the norm so hold onto a few coins because they’re going to be artifacts soon.