How To Get Network Connectivity With The Cisco AnyConnect App

If you want safe access to your network, Cisco AnyConnect can make that happen. A whole world of information about absolutely anything in the entire universe is now at your fingertips. But getting that information safely isn’t always easy

Virtual reality seems to be the new reality. The Internet has become a massive part of both our personal and professional lives. So much so, that not having safe access to it can cripple us in innumerable ways.

While connecting to the internet is easy, we can’t always be sure about the safety of our network. Thankfully, with like Cisco Anyconnect, we can make use of features that make transferring access to devices much more comfortable and safe.

How To Get Network Connectivity With The Cisco AnyConnect App

What Does The Cisco AnyConnect App by Do?

AnyConnect is a mobility client that provides trustworthy and easy-to-use encrypted network connectivity. This lets you give access to your employees or network in a safe way. It provides secure and remote access to enterprise administrators.

Encryption is the process that distorts readable text, so it can only be read by the person who has the decryption key. It thus secures sensitive data from misuse. Whether it is giving access to a business email, a virtual desktop session, or other applications, AnyConnect makes it safe.

What Are The Features Of Cisco AnyConnect

Free Access

AnyConnect empowers your clients to work on the company or personal devices without any threats. You can give your employees access to the company network from anywhere in the world, at any time, from any device they want.

Better Control

AnyConnect equips you to have better insight into what end-users are doing. This lets you monitor employee activity closely. Complete visibility is extended over the whole enterprise.

This enables you to improve network operations and enables better communications between you and your employees.

Defense against Threats

No matter what or who poses a threat to your network, AnyConnect provides comprehensive protection against all noncompliant devices. It automatically adapts its VPN tunneling to protocols such as DTLS and TLS.

DTLS or Datagram Transport Layer Security allows applications to communicate in a way that is designed to prevent tampering, unauthorized eavesdropping, or message forgery. AnyConnect Mobile Client blocks users from visiting websites that have phishing, crypto mining, malware, and ransomware threats.

Simplified Management

AnyConnect App allows you to have a user experience that is consistent among all devices. Whether you are on or off the company premises, the functioning of the equipment remains the same.


You can configure the policies and restrictions for the end-point users locally. Any changes you make will get updated in the gateway automatically. The app also localizes according to the end-users device and region setting.

There is also no limit to the number of users you can add to your network. These features make the app extremely easy to use.


You can easily download The Cisco AnyConnect App for free from the app store or Google play store. This version, however, has limited features. You must contact the sales team of Cisco for full details on the pricing of their services.

How To Use Cisco AnyConnect

The process of using AnyConnect App might seem tricky. If you follow these easy steps, you can to use the application with efficiency soon.

Step 1: Download the App

Download the AnyConnect app from google play store or app store.

Step 2: Give Permissions

Click on the AnyConnect icon to start the app. You will see an end-user agreement license on your screen, click Accept to continue.

Step 3: Add Network

Tap the ‘connection’ button to be able to configure a connection entry. You can add connection entries manually.

Step 4: Study Details

You can view the detailed summary and statistics about your current active VPN connection. Tap the ‘Details’ tab to do the same.

Step 5: Use the app’s features to best use

Settings tab helps you to designate AnyConnect application preferences. Diagnostics can help you manage certificates, profiles, and device localization.

How To Get Network Connectivity With The Cisco AnyConnect App

The Bottom Line

You no longer have to deal with online threats all by yourself. With AnyConnect by your side, you can protect your business from all kinds of online attacks. As a decision-maker in your organization, this will help you create a safe, secure, and flourishing business.