Online petition vs. Manila Bay white sand project launched

The group Oceana Philippines launched an online petition against the Manila Bay white sand project spearheaded by the Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR).

“We are opposed, and we want this project, a useless expenditure of public money, stopped,” Gloria Ramos, Oceana Philippines vice president, told GMA News.

“Walang environmental impact study na ginawa before they even thought of the project. And it’s ironic kasi the DENR, and the EMB [Environmental Management Bureau] is tasked to do that,” she added.

According to the online petition, the Manila Bay white sand project allegedly violated five laws: Presidential Proclamation 2146, the amended Fisheries Code, the Clean Water Act, the National Cultural Heritage Act, and the Local Government Code.

“Ginawa nila yung illegal acts and there are damages, they can be held liable for that. Meron tayong Code of Ethical Conduct. Puwedeng tingnan ang mga provision doon. So may mga accountability,” Ramos said.