Australian Peter Scully arrested In Malaybalay City for crimes against girls

(Update) Australian Arrested In Malaybalay City, Mindanao For Molesting Girls – More Info Surfacing – Image via RAPPLER.Com –

A 51-year-old  is now in the custody of the National Bureau of Investigation in the Northern Mindanao Office. He is being held for a string of offenses that involved young girls, video taping and selling tapes and live feeds to customers throughout and afar. His acts reportedly involve children as young as one year old.

“Scully performed sexual acts according to his client’s instructions and fantasy,” Angelito Magno, NBI director in the region, told  on Friday.

Scully was arrested inside his rented house in Barangay in Barangay Violeta in Malaybalay City after several groups took out a combined effort to stake-out his activities. The stake-out included NBI’s anti-trafficking division from Manila as well as representatives from Australia and the Dutch Police, as well as Interpol. 

Scully had been the subject of an international investigation on human trafficking after police investigators in the Netherlands uncovered his activities on the Internet, where he broadcast his sexual intercourse with young girls.

“He lured young girls into his house and gained their trust, including false promises of sending them to school and feeding them. He performs sexual abuses on the girls and then he broadcast his activities on the Internet,” Czar Eric Nuqui, chief of the NBI’s anti-human trafficking division, said.

Two of Scully’s victims decided to sue and the case was docketed at the Regional Trial Court Branch 37 here under Judge Jose Escobido in November 2014 – the warrant for that case was used against him when they arrested him this past Friday. 

“We took notice of the standing warrant of arrest for Scully issued by Judge Jose Escobido of the Regional Trial court Branch 37 in November 2014,” Nuqui said.

Based on the information, Magno said that Scully entered the country in 2011 and initially took base in Malaybalay City.

“Although he moved places, he was very dynamic in his movements,” Magno said.

Later, police authorities in the Netherlands took notice of Scully’s activities and established coordination with their Philippine and Australian counterparts as well as advising Interpol, a Dutch involved in the Australian’s arrest, said.

“We were monitoring his activities from our country,” the Dutch said.

When all details had been confirmed, the actual operation to arrest the Australian was conducted Friday.

“Scully found out that what he was doing was a lucrative business and that he had clients all over Europe,” Nuqui said.

Nugui also said they were also looking into the possible culpability of the parents of the young Filipino girls, whom Scully had used in his activities.

The teams are looking at the possibility that Scully did not work alone in his endeavors. His clientele network appears to be huge by reports from Malaybalay and other entities throughout Europe.

Scully will be charged with #9261 – The Act of Violence Against Women and Children, Rape, Illegal Detention and the Anti- Law, among others that are pending at his arraignment in numerous cases being linked together.

When asked if Scully could be extradited to Australia, Magno said there was a standing extradition treaty entered between the Philippines and the Australian governments.

“We need to look at the treaty (MLAT) but we want Scully to serve his time here,” Magno said. (but like most things in the Philippines, wanting and getting are two different things).

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