Pervert who said children being raped online “looked happy” is jailed

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Bryan Walter Beattie, aged 44, has been jailed for 10 years for his “cyberporn” crimes

An Australian paedophile who claimed Filipino children being sexually abused online “looked happy” has been sentenced to ten years.

Sydney hotel worker Bryan Walter Beattie, aged 44, will serve a minimum of six years in prison after being convicted of cybersex trafficking.

Beattie paid between $12 and $540 to watch and direct the rape of young boys aged as young as eight.

The pervert watched on Skype, waving and giving thumbs-up to children as they were sexually assaulted by a man carrying out his instructions.

New South Wales District Court Judge Chris Craigie described Beattie’s crimes as “evil and morally repugnant” when handing down his sentence.

“The offender full well knew that what he was doing was morally repugnant,” he said. “The victims in the present instance were the most vulnerable of the vulnerable — located in a -stricken environment where a man from a Western country could exploit them using a sexually perverted local criminal.”

As we previously reported, earlier in his trial Beattie sought to justify him crimes, saying: “Basically I previously rationalised the fact that because I wasn’t physically present I wasn’t physically committing the offences as such — I was somehow not a part of it.”

“The children appeared happy… the children appeared to be receiving benefit from the actual situation.”

A statement of agreed facts described how Beattie could be heard heavily breathing while typing instructions to a tattooed adult male. The children then forced to perform sexual acts on him and on each other.

Beattie pleaded guilty in December last year to causing children to engage in sexual intercourse outside Australia and possessing child abuse.

Judge Craigie said Beattie only stopped paying for live child abuse shows in 2012 because he was “nervous” about being caught.

Court heard he continued watching the videos in his home until he was arrested in 2014.

He will be eligible for parole in February 2021.

Detective Superintendent Linda Howlett, head of the New South Wales crime squad, said she believed Beattie was first person to be charged with a “pay-for-view” sex crime in the state.

She added that law enforcement agencies expected it would be an expanding industry — particularly in the Philippines.

“We have seen an increase in that with the Philippines; across the entire country we are seeing an indication of that increasing. We are also seeing internationally this is a common thread we are seeing in the future.”


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