Pervert spent $55,000 on ‘cyberporn’ that exploited girls as young as nine

Karl Touset, aged 72, amassed 6,000 pictures and videos over four years of offending

An Atlanta man who paid a Filipina woman to force girls as young as nine to perform online sex acts has been sentenced to ten years.

Karl Touset, aged 72, was brought to justice after Western Union flagged a number of people who were sending regular small payments to the Philippines.

Touset, from the suburb of Marietta, “preyed on girls as young as nine years old to satisfy his perverse sexual desires,” said Attorney John Horn in a news release.

Over a period of four years, Touset paid an unidentified Filipina woman to recruit the young girls to perform live sex acts and also to pose for photos and videos.

He’d negotiate a price with her, usually between $25 and $100 depending on the request. The scale of his offending can be judged by the fact that between 2012 to 2015, Touset paid out more than $55,000.

“Unfortunately, extreme poverty in many parts of the world affords individuals like Touset the opportunity to exploit children across national borders,” Mr Horn said.

Touset kept a spreadsheet of girls’ names, their birthdays and additional notes about each girl, prosecutors said. He would also chat with them online, and frequently ask if they would have sex with him if he visited the Philippines.

The girls were aged from nine to 15.

Western Union first alerted the authorities in 2014. This tip-off, along with data from an email provider, were sent to Homeland Security Investigations.

Federal agents stopped Touset at Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport on December 21 2014 as he was returning from Amsterdam.

Agents immediately took two laptops and a pair of external hard drives at the airport. Altogether they found 6,000 indecent images on these and also on devices seized from his home in January 2015.

“The admirable actions of the money transfer and email companies helped shine a light on this reprehensible conduct, and as a result this case has helped save other vulnerable children from being victimised,” Mr Horn said.

The trial is just the latest case of a foreign pervert being brought to justice on cyberporn charges.

louis frances bradley
Louis Francis Bradley, aged 66, is facing up to 35 years in for cyberporn offences

Earlier this week, we reported how Louis Francis Bradley, aged 66, admitted to the same crime. The Baltimore man faces at least 35 years in when he is sentenced. (Read more here)

In another case earlier this month, we reported how a Canadian man was facing 19 child pornography charges relating to youngsters in the Philippines and Romania. The trial of Philip Michael Chicoine, aged 27, from Saskatoon, continues. (Read more here)

The net is also closing in on the Filipinos facilitating the vile trade. This week we reported that three people were arrested in Taguig City. Two women and a man are suspected of pimping children – including the daughter of one of the women and as young as seven years old. (Read more here)

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These sisters ran a ‘cyberporn’ den that exploited children, including an eight-month-old baby

Just days before this, two sisters, identified as Elvie and Arlene Aringo, were arrested in Dasmarinas, Cavite province. Their suspected victims included an eight-month-old baby. (Read more here)

Both raids followed tip-offs from the Department of Homeland Security.


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