Online torture: Peter Scully charged with 69 counts of child sex abuse

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Notorious Australian Pedophile Peter Scully to be Charged with 69 Counts of Sexual Abuse –

Australian child abuser Peter Scully will be formally indicted with 69 counts of sexual and physical abuse involving a trail of murder, sexual abuse, videos and an endless stream of cohorts involving Filipino families, and children as young as one year old.

Scully, infamous for his video the “Destruction of Daisy”, is the subject of a 151-page resolution put together by the Department of Justice. His charges will include the following:


9 Counts of Child Abuse

8 Counts of Qualified Trafficking in Persons

5 Counts of Indecent Shows, Obscene Exhibitions and Publications


5 Counts of Syndicated Child Pornography

4 Counts of Child Pornography

25 Counts of Photos and Videos Voyeurism (Involving Deviate Sexual Acts)

6 Counts of Rape by Sexual Assault (Either by Instrument or Object)

2 Counts of Rape by Sexual Intercourse (AKA-Organ Rape).

Charges against Scully for the murder of the girl found cemented into the septic tank of a home in northern Mindanao was dismissed (the girl in the video known as “Daisy”) – the Department of Justice said that charge for “qualified trafficking in persons” absorbed the murder charge.

The Department of Justice said the death of the girl, known to many as “Barbie,” falls under the trafficking perpetrated against the victim. In a statement the DOJ said: “Her death [constituted] an additional qualifying circumstance for qualified trafficking in persons… being a resultant effect of the acts of trafficking perpetrated against said victim.”

Leizyl Margallo Also to be Charged

Scully’s former firlfriend, and partner-in-crime, Leizyl Margallo, will also be indicted for the following:

9 Counts of Child Abuse

5 Counts of Indecent Shows, Obscene Exhibitions and Publications

5 Counts of Syndicated Child Pornography

25 Counts of Photo and Video Voyeurism

5 Counts of Rape by Sexual Assault (By Instruments or Object)

Those listed in the DOJ’s co-respondents will also be indicted for their offense, including child pornography and rape. Those listed include:

Christian Rouche

Alexander Lao

Haniel Caetano de Oliveira

Marshall Ruskin

Ma Dorothea Chia

The National Bureau of Investigation (Anti-Human Trafficking Division) filed a 16-page complaint on March 25.

Scully is said to have begun his online video torture business in the Philippines in April2011. However sources say he was most likely involved in a syndicate of child abusers earlier than this.

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