PDEA suspects Chinese looking divers in Bicol, Caraga region looking for floating cocaine


The Philippine Drug Enforcement Agency (PDEA) is closely monitoring who are probably tracking in the seas of and regions.

In a news conference in Malacañang, PDEA director general Aaron Aquino said the divers could be looking for floating cocaine scattered in the country.


Aquino said PDEA is currently investigating the possibility of diving used as a cover-up only.

It is noted that several packs of cocaine have been found floating in the oceans of the Dinagat Islands and the Bicol region.

Floating Cocaine in the Bicol, Caraga Region, Basilan

In April 2019, fishers recovered at least 40 bricks of the drug, off Burgos, Surigao del Norte.


It is only the latest massive haul of cocaine bricks discovered in recent months.

A report from the Caraga Police Regional Office said three local fishermen discovered the bricks at about 4.30 pm.

They were sealed in transparent plastic and wrapped with a fishnet about two kilometers from shore, police said.

The total weight of the bricks was about 40 kilos, and they bore “3B Bugatti” markings, similar to trademarks found on 40 blocks discovered by the locals in San Isidro, Surigao del Norte, in February.

In September, a Chinese vessel allegedly dropped 1 kg of cocaine in Basilan waters.

The suspected cocaine brick weighs more than a kilo and has an estimated worth of P6 million.

Mohammad Ajul, Basilan Mayor Ibrahim Ballajo, said the fishermen found the cocaine brick wrapped in transparent plastic. They recovered the illegal drugs between Langil and Linungan islands in Mohammad Ajul town, 8 a.m. Monday, September 23.