PDEA asset survives first wave of shooting but later found dead

Authorities are also investigating how the fellow asset of the Philippine Drug Enforcement Agency (PDEA) who caught in the middle of the first wave of shooting died after the CCTV footage captured he was not shot in Commonwealth Avenue, Quezon City last week. A video of police allegedly beating PDEA agents were also captured.

In a report by John Consulta on GMA News “Saksi” on Tuesday, it could be seen in the video the first burst of gunfire between PDEA personnel and Quezon City Police District police opposite the white car used by PDEA.

The car allegedly overheated and stopped parking. Shortly afterward, a shootout occurred when civilian police allegedly approached and shot a PDEA asset.

During the shooting, a man in a black dress was standing near the driver’s side as the shooting occurred.

The man only remained in his seat and was not hit by the gunfire. According to a GMA News source, the man is also a PDEA asset.

In another video, alleged police took the said PDEA asset, and after an hour of gunfire, he was seen lying dead next to two PDEA agents.

The asset has a bullet wound to the body. He also has wounds that are still being identified as a mark of beating.

survives first wave of shooting but later found dead

Some PDEA agents, on the other hand, “surrendered” to the police, were disarmed and allegedly beaten.

According to PDEA chief Wilkins Villanueva, as much as possible they do not want to speak because the National Bureau of Investigation is conducting an investigation into the shooting.

The official is said to be confident that what is true is slowly being seen.

Villanueva insisted that their operation was legitimate so he challenged the QCPD to issue evidence that the PDEA had carried out a “sell-bust.”

He said the NBI will try to complete the investigation before the hearing on what happened will begin.

The NBI is also holding the cellphone of the deceased “asset” and the police to out the truth. In addition, they are also gathering all CCTV captured on the events and testimonies of witnesses.