Pastor Quiboloy says he stopped the magnitude 6.6 earthquake


A video clip of Pastor Apollo Quiboloy of Kingdom of Jesus Christ, The Name Above Every Name, Inc saying that he was able to stop the magnitude 6.6 earthquake that struck Mindanao last Tuesday, October 29 is circulating online.

The video was posted in “Mga Aral sa Bibliya” on Wednesday, October 30, wherein Pastor Quiboloy told he was at his room writing when he felt the magnitude 6.6 earthquake at 9 in the morning.


He said he commanded the earthquake to “stop,” and the quake obeyed him. He said he had witnesses to testify of what happened.

Quiboloy allegedly stopped an aftershock at around 11 am. He added people should thank him because if he did not stop the strong earthquake, more damages would have occurred.

Pastor Quiboloy claims he owns the universe

Apollo Carreón Quiboloy is the founder and leader of the Philippines-based Restorationist cult called the Kingdom of Jesus Christ, The Name Above Every Name, Inc. He has made claims that he is “The Appointed Son of God,” as well as being “The Owner of the Universe.”


In September 2019, a former follower of Pastor Quiboloy, threw new cash smuggling allegations against him and another church officer.

According to recent court documents, former church member Kristina Angeles witnessed Felina Salinas, and Pastor Quiboloy ordered church members to smuggle hundreds of thousands of U.S. dollars from California to the Philippines. The incident happened in 2013 and 2014, as per Rick Daysog’s report in

Angeles also accused Pastor Quiboloy of sexually abusing her.