Passport applicants flock to the DFA

Some overseas Filipino workers have been waiting for months to get their renewed passports from the Department of Foreign Affairs (DFA).

Some waited from 4 a.m. Thursday for the opening of the DFA Office of Consular Affairs office in Aseana in Parañaque.

As early as 6 a.m., the number of people queuing outside the DFA was already on the road.

Some complained that they had already returned to follow up on their passports.

Some, like Nicanor Banluta Jr. and Clarisa Galima, have contracts or should have already boarded the ship but were delayed due to the lack of passports.

They are among those who have “for correction” or have incorrect information that needs to be updated in the passport.

They have already done this at other service sites, but they still need to go to the DFA to review the incorrect information.

They also could not answer the email or call the DFA, so they endured the heat and the queue to follow up in person.

Passport applicants flock to the DFA

Another person renewed his for a week but still did not respond to their email.

“Naka-apat na punta na ako dito hindi ka man makapasok, ayaw ka nila papasukin. Malayo pa ang pinanggalingan namin, tapos sa pamasahe pa lang patay na,” he said.

In the last DFA notification on Tuesday, they ensured that the operation of the Office of Consular Affairs, NCR Consular Offices, and Temporary Off-Site Passport Services would continue amidst Alert Level IV in NCR.

But they said they have limited operational capacity and can afford to service appointments, so those whose appointments have been suspended cannot choose a schedule.

They added that if the appointment is not continued, they will not prioritize rescheduling, and it could take months to wait for the new schedule.

Before 8 a.m., the others in the line began to enter.

There are three queues of people entering the DFA, those for renewal and correction and the queue of new applications.

The implementation of physical distancing is becoming a challenge, but the guards and police continue to remind those in line.

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