Passenger falls on LRT-1 train tracks


Authorities said the operation of LRT-1 was temporarily halted Wednesday morning after a female passenger fell off the train tracks.

The passenger allegedly got dizzy before falling into the LRT-1 train tracks at Doroteo Jose Station, said Jacqueline Gorospe, corporate communications head of Light Rail Manila Corporation.


She also said they stopped the operations to help the woman, who was immediately rushed to the hospital. She sustained injuries on her face and was still under observation, said Rodriguez, supervisor of Doroteo Jose Station.

Authorities again reminded passengers that if they felt dizzy, they should inform the train station’s guards and fellow passengers for help.

The LRT-1 administration apologized to the other passengers affected by the incident.


The railway operation went back to normal at around 8 am.

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What to do if you fall on the train tracks?

Transit experts give these survival tips for falling on the tracks:

  • Try to climb out with the help of someone who can help hoist you.
  • Lie down between the tracks, depending on the depth of the tracks.
  • Get to the side of the track.
  • Step between the girders that separate tracks (but this involves stepping over the third rail, which carries more than 600 volts of electricity).
  • Try to outrun the train as it stops at the station.