Pasay cops sacked for ‘acting as lawyers’ to Chinese ‘horror house’ groper

Pasay City cops fired

Five Pasay City cops have been fired after “acting as lawyers” for a Chinese man accused of molesting teenage girls at an amusement park. 

National Capital Region Police Office (NCRPO) chief Director Guillermo Eleazar said he ordered the of the officers today (Tuesday, February 12) after hearing the allegation from the mother of one of the three victims.

The woman said that following the of Zang Yang, aged 19, last Thursday, the cops attempted to negotiate a financial settlement to have the case dropped. 

She said: “He wanted to settle. Why settle? It’s like Filipinos can be bought. I cannot accept how small they see us. He needs to bear the consequences.

“I think he needs to get punished because it means something. He is here and yet he seems to not care and not respect anyone.”

The mother said the families of the victims had decided to file a complaint for acts of lasciviousness rather than accept a financial settlement.

The assault occurred while the three women were with five other friends inside a “horror house” at Star City. Zang allegedly took advantage of the dark enclosed space to touch the teenage victims intimately. 

The three immediately reported the incident to the park’s security guard, who apprehend Zang and called the police.

The NCRPO chief has now said that an investigation is underway to determine if the officers had a “share” in the settlement money that they helped to negotiate at a station.

Meanwhile, Bureau of Immigration spokeswoman Dana Sandoval has said that the families could file an immigration case against the Chinese man for deportation and blacklisting. “We do not tolerate the wrongdoing of foreigners in our country,” she added. “The visa is not a free pass for him to commit mischief.”

The suspect remains in custody at Pasay Police station.

As we reported yesterday, foreigners have been urged to respect Philippine and figures of authority. The warning came after a Chinese fashion student was arrested for splashing a soy-based drink over a officer.

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