Parricide suspect dead after ‘fighting’ in Bukidnon

A man died after fighting with the authorities who were supposed to file a warrant of arrest in Barangay San Antonio, Talakag, Bukidnon last Wednesday night.

According to the Talakag Municipal Police Station, they would have filed a warrant of arrest against the suspect identified as Simon Luma-an for the parricide case.

Before the operation, police found that the suspect had a firearm inside his home.

The authorities would have liked to ask Luma-an to voluntarily. But when the police approached the suspect’s house, they allegedly fired at them with a homemade shotgun.

The Police Auxiliary Unit quickly fired a gun and hit Luma-an.

Police recovered two homemade shotguns, an improvised handgun, various ammunition, and a bolo inside Luma-an’s house.

Luma-an did not survive when he was rushed to the hospital.

Man missing for half a month found dead in Cavite

The case of the disappearance of a 22-year-old construction worker in Cavite City was resolved after his body was exhumed in a haystack on Thursday.

It has been more than half a month since the victim, Ricky Boy Aleman, was not seen in their area in Barangay 24, Caridad.

The police tracked down his body after the informant informed them using an e-complaint that someone had buried the victim’s body in Sitio Draga in Barangay 57.

This was further confirmed by the confessed killer of the victim, alias Toy, who was caught in a operation on Wednesday.

He said he was with another man in killing the German and burying his body.

The corpse was found bound.

According to Police Lt. Col. Gilbert Cruz, Cavite City Police chief, Toy is a barangay official who is allegedly involved in illegal activities such as drugs.

The motive for the murder is said to be the victim’s alleged complaint to the police that the suspect stole a motorcycle to sell the parts.

Toy denied that he stole the motor and insisted that the victim kill someone there, so they took action.

The suspect denied the allegation that he killed someone else, but the police will still investigate.

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