Parents of British student who committed suicide in Manila urge action

dela rosa
Parents of British School Manila Student Suicide Asks DepEd to Intervene in Case –

Parents of the student who jumped from the sixth floor of the Dela Rosa carpark building in Makati on February 6 have asked the Department of Education to intervene in the case against the teacher who allegedly caused Liam Madamba to jump to his death.

Their letter read: “As parents who still have a stake in the school, the continued presence of the teacher involved in this tragedy, Mrs Natalie Mann, worries us for its emotional impact on the senior student body. The student community is demoralised and are in fear of reprisal for open discussions of the tragedy.”


Madamba’s parents are positive that their son jumped to his death due to problems triggered by Mann’s accusations that the student committed plagiarism – a witness to the case has said that Mann wanted to publicly humiliate Madamba.

“We hope our plea for help and support will be considered imperative enough for you take immediate action in the investigation of this incident,” the parents told DepEd.

Madamba’s parents seek the suspension of Mann as well as the resignation of the school’s headmaster, Simon Mann.


“As a result of the insensitive and trivial handling of this very sensitive incident, we have lost confidence in his competency to be forthright in answering pertinent questions raised in the open forum,” the parents said. They have also asked for transparency in the ongoing probe being performed by the school and they want Attorney Rico Domingo, who is an alumnus parent, to be included in an independent board of inquiry into the matter.

“It has been 25 days since his tragic death but to date, there has been no action from the BSM Board of Governors nor the Council of Trustees. We, the concerned parents of British School, have made numerous calls to the BSM administration, for the true story of the February 5 incident leading to the tragedy,” the parents said.