Parchisi STAR Online – Learn How to Have Fun with Friends

Parchisi STAR is an online version of the popular classic Parcheesi board game with multi-player. Parcheesi is a popular board game, and is known as Parchis in Spain, as well as different names in other countries. 

Parchisi is a free game. You can play Parchisi with 2 or 4 players, and you can and send emojis while you’re playing the game. It’s customized to be played on a tablet or desktop. 

Do you want to know how to play this amazing game with your friends? Check out our guide right here to learn more! 

Parchisi STAR Online - Learn How to Have Fun with Friends
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Parchisi STAR: Overview of Features

You can open up to 50K Coins every day with the Daily Magic Chest, and you can unlock accomplishments while playing this amazing game. 

Parchisi is played with two dice, four pieces per player, and a board with outside line. Four corner spaces, and four home paths lead to a central end room as well. 

America’s most common Parchisi boards have 68 spaces around the board’s edge, 12 of which are darkened spaces.


According to Parchisi rules, you can sit opposite your opponent if only 2 players are playing. Every player selects a color and takes that color’s four played pieces. 

Place your pieces right into the circle. This is the “start point” for you. You must first enter them onto the track by throwing a “5” to move your pieces. This can be singular die or a combination of the numbers that are thrown with both dice. 

Once a piece has entered play, you can roll the die to determine how many spaces a piece may move. Die may be combined to move one piece or may be used to move separate pieces separately, but you may not split a single die to move two pieces.

How to Download the Game

Parchisi STAR Online is created and operated by Gameberry. When you open the home page of the website, you can click “Parchisi STAR” next to the Ludo Star game. You can directly download the game for free via the Google Play store or the Apple App store. 

Tips to Win the Game

Parchisi rules note that two pieces of the same color that stop on the same space form a blockade. No pieces, including your own, can pass that blockade. 

At each turn, you have to move spaces equal to the die roll, if possible. You can keep a blockade in place until you can’t move any other pieces, so if you don’t have any other moves, you will break the blockade. 

To win the game, move all of your pieces to the center “Home” square first. A piece is only entered by exact count in the “Home” square. You can’t move the piece if you are 2 spaces from the “Home” square, and you roll a 4 and 5.

Other Rules You Need to Know 

Parchisi STAR Online - Learn How to Have Fun with Friends
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The rules of Parchisi state that all blue spaces are security spaces, and that no piece can be captured when on a blue space. The only exception to this is when a piece of an opponent is sitting in your blue area. 

If you have to move a piece into play, and your opponent has a piece on your blue spot, that piece is captured. You can’t land on the same blue space if your opponent’s on a blue space. You can move a piece of your opponent sitting on a blue space. 

If you can stop your piece’s movement by accurately counting on a cream space on which your opponent is in, you’ve captured that piece. That piece is returned to the “starting place” of your opponent and must re-enter play as at the start of the game.


It continues up the home column when a piece has circumnavigated the surface. A piece can only be pushed by an accurate throw into the home field. 

The first person to push all four pieces into the home area is victorious. Download this game and enjoy it with your friends now!