Panera Bread Delivery Jobs – How to Apply


Do you want to make money flexibly, at your own convenience, along with your day job or going to school? The jobs market has now seen the emergence of a number of unconventional and flexible job options. In fact, most of these involve simple job options like making deliveries.

Panera, one of the top bakery-cafes of the United States, offers one such great opportunity. The company is constantly hiring delivery drivers to bring orders to customers.


There are minimum eligibility requirements to become a Panera Bread delivery driver, and the job is extremely flexible and handsomely rewarding. Let us explore more about it in this post. In this article, you will see how you too can become a Panera Bread delivery driver

Panera Bread Delivery Jobs - How to Apply

About Panera Bread

When it comes to bakeries and cafes in the United States, Panera is a brand to reckon with! Established back in 1987, the bakery-cafe chain is today extremely popular among Americans. In fact, it has over 2,000 operational restaurants across the states. And guess what? The business model of Panera is hugely successful, and a major part of it is powered by their home delivery services. 

Working with Panera

Apart from being a popular bakery-cafe chain, Panera has also been widely recognized as a great employer. The company offers you a empowering work culture and peer support. In fact, one should take pride in delivering superior quality food products and helping those around them. 


What does a Panera Delivery Driver do?

The delivery drivers of Panera form its backbone when it comes to the home delivery of bread and other bakery items. The day-to-day responsibilities of Panera Bread delivery driver include the following.

  • Picking up orders from the restaurants and delivering them to the customers swiftly and correctly
  • Lending a helping hand at the bakery-cafe, whenever required, in between the delivery orders
  • Providing the best quality customer service and an experience akin to the Panera guest experience

Benefits Received as a Panera Bread Delivery Driver

The delivery driver program offered by Panera is a well-structured and thoughtfully designed program. It serves the best interests of the delivery drivers, the customers, and the company as well. As a Panera Bread delivery driver, you get a plethora of benefits.

  • Flexible work hours, with multiple off days
  • On-the-job commercial auto insurance offered by the company
  • As much as 65% off on Panera food while you are on shift
  • No cash handling as most payments for the deliveries are made online and in advance
  • Payouts at the end of every shift, along with tips and bonuses
  • Additional health benefits and coverage
  • Special discount programs, merchandise, and fringe benefits

How much does a Panera Delivery Driver Earn?

The number of dollars you can make as Panera Bread Delivery Driver depends upon the number of hours you devote to it. Also, it depends upon how quick and agile you are in terms of fulfilling the deliveries. 

At an average, a Panera Bread delivery driver earns around $12 to $15 per hour! Multiply it with the number of hours you are willing to devote to the job, and you will get a fair estimate of your income as Panera delivery driver. In a nutshell, the payouts offered by Panera to their delivery drivers are good and highly competitive.

What do you Need?

Panera has very relaxed and minimal eligibility criteria for its delivery driver program. In fact, most individuals are qualified to become delivery drivers with Panera. To become a Panera Bread delivery driver, you need meet the following conditions.

  • At least 18 years of age
  • Possess a valid driver’s license
  • Have a vehicle with valid insurance and registration
  • Have a good motor vehicle record

Further, to become a Panera Bread delivery driver, you do not need any previous work experience or skill. If you have a positive attitude and are ready to work hard, you can do very well with Panera.

Panera Bread Delivery Jobs - How to Apply
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The Bottom Line

Becoming a Panera Bread delivery driver is a good part-time career option. It offers a great amount of flexibility, good quality of work, and also competitive payouts. So if you are looking for a reliable source of income along with your day job or going to school, you can try this out. 

Note: You can apply online for Panera Bread delivery driver jobs here