Canadian who died snorkelling off Pamilacan ‘suffered heart attack’

Benoit Labrosse was spotted by a friend floating lifelessly just minutes after taking to the waters off Pamilican Island. Pictures via Google maps.

A 63-year-old who died while snorkelling off Island in Bohol province is believed to have suffered a heart attack. 

Benoit Labrosse, a retired aviation services officer, was rushed to a hospital on Monday (January 14) where he was declared dead on arrival.

According to police officer Warren Hondanero, Mr Labrosse was out of sight of his companions when the supposed cardiac arrest occurred.

He had started snorkelling at about 5pm and was spotted by his friend, Serge Limoges, floating motionlessly just a few minutes later.

Mr Limoges pulled his lifeless friend back to the shore and applied cardiopulmonary resuscitation, but to no avail.

Mr Labrosse was then transported from Island to Baclayon on the mainland of Bohol where he was declared dead on arrival by the town’s municipal health officer.

According to the Bohol Chronicle, the dead man’s family requested that no be performed on the body.

Not first tourist death of 2018

The tourist’s death is the second seen in Philippine waters so far this year. Earlier this month we reported on the death of a Korean tourist who drowned while scuba diving off Panglao Island in Bohol province.

Police identified the victim as Kyeongryun Kim, aged 34. His companion, Icklea Kim, told police that they were about three to five metres under water when Kyeongryun’s diving regulator mouthpiece was accidentally pulled out from his mouth due to strong currents.

Icklea told the police she tried to pull Kyeongryun back towards shallower waters, but she too got caught up in the current. She then appealed for help from bystanders who were able to bring the unconscious body of Kyeongryun ashore. Attempts at resuscitation failed to revive him.

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