Palawan school cancelled after 15 students ‘possessed by evil spirits’

A scene from classic horror movie The Exorcist.

A school in Palawan was forced to cancel lessons after 15 students were supposedly possessed by evil spirits.

According to a report on GMA News, the affected students were “rushed” to a Catholic church on Thursday (February 22) after the supernatural outbreak.

The school’s principal, Vicente Tamanyo, told the broadcaster that the incident occurred after two students claimed to see the spirit of a woman, covered in blood.

The affliction then began to spread to other pupils, including Mr Tamanyo’s son, who is a student at his school.

According to eyewitnesses, the possessed students were heard to speak a “strange language” and were said to display a “freakish strength”.

The 15 affected youngsters were then taken to a nearby church for prayers before being sent home. Lessons were cancelled for the remainder of the day.

Widespread belief

Belief in demonic possession remains widespread across the Philippines.

Last September, we reported on a warning by the chief exorcist of the Philippines that “Illuminati satanists” were distributing “cursed rosaries” to unsuspecting Catholics.

Father Ambrosio Nonato Legaspi made the claim on Novaliches’ Radio Veritas show Hello Father 911. A report on the show was carried on the news site of the Catholic Bishops Conference of the Philippines.

He said: “Listeners, be careful as the rosaries you might be using could actually be infested or cursed!”

The claimed that the rosaries were being given away by satanists, acting as part of a shadowy group called the Illuminati.

He said that the satanists had “prayed over” the rosaries to consecrate them to evil. Whoever then used them, he warned, would be  “followed by evil spirits” as a result.

Then, shortly before Halloween, another Filipino exorcist warned that dressing up in spooky costumes could also lead to demonic possession.

Father Marius Roque, exorcist for the Archdiocese of San Fernando, said he had performed exorcism rites involving two young people who had dressed up for Halloween .

“One was the case of a teenage girl who wore a black lady costume for a Halloween party. After a few weeks, it became obvious she was possessed by evil spirits,” he said.

The priest claimed that when the girl was taken to see him, he found her mouth and belly button emitting froth.