P35 million shabu in NAIA from ‘Golden Triangle’ syndicate

P35 million shabu in NAIA from 'Golden Triangle' syndicate
P35 million shabu in from ‘Golden Triangle’ syndicate. (Image from shared news)

The Philippine Drug Enforcement Agency (PDEA) said the ‘Golden Triangle’ syndicate was behind a five-pound P35 million shabu in on Saturday.

The shabu was found in abandoned luggage at the Ninoy Aquino International Airport (NAIA) Terminal 1.

Authorities already arrested the suspect for smuggling the P35 million shabu in NAIA.

The traced the suspect Nazarene Orbillo in Tarlac. His name was written on the bag tag found on the luggage while his address was on his customs declaration form.

It was learned that Obillo boarded a plane to Siem Reap, and arrived on a connecting flight from Hanoi, Vietnam.

According to Customs officials, Obillo left the bag at and fled by seeking permission to go to the bathroom after his bag was subjected to x-ray inspection.

The inspectors got suspicious after seeing the x-ray images of unidentified objects that contradict Obillo’s declaration that the items were personal items.

Authorities initially thought the bag contains undeclared taxable items. When Obillo did not return for his bag, they decided to open the bag and confiscated 5-kilos of high-grade shabu.

According to the police, they assumed that Obillo was just a new drug courier based on his actions and the fact that he did not hide his real identity and address.

Obillo was now under PDEA’s custody but refused to give a statement regarding his arrest.

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