Owner of lechon restaurant faces jail for ‘refusing’ senior citizen discount


Edong's Davao City
City’s ‘Edong’s Lechon House’ Owner Arrested For Not Granting Senior Citizen Discount – www.philippineslifestyle.com

The owner of Edong’s Lechon House has been arrested for refusing to grant a discount to a senior citizen.

National Bureau of Investigation agents arrested Richard Tuason, owner of Edong’s Lechon House after Renato Hidalgo, the senior citizen, filed a complaint saying he was refused the discount at the establishment.

Under Republic Act #9994 (Section #4), Senior Citizens are entitled to a 20 per cent discount and exemption from value-added taxation on certain goods and services.

Mr Tuason is blaming his cashier, a person by the name of Jing. The NBI said they are looking for this worker but they are reportedly out of the country.

He added that his establishment never denies discounts to senior citizens.

If he is found guilty of the charges he could face up to a 100,000 peso fine and a maximum of six years in . He posted bail of 10,000 pesos.