Over 400 OFWs quarantined in Taiwan

More than 400 overseas Filipino workers in were in trouble when they returned to their dormitories after being quarantined due to -19.

On Thursday, Mark Salazar reported on GMA News “24 Oras” that the video was taken by Taiwanese Filipino Gina Lin after the bus took the OFWs.

The OFWs allegedly looked like soaking wet chicks and were even taken outside overnight while wearing PPE.

“Nakatambay sila sa bus mula gabi hanggang kinaumagahan the next day. Naka-PPE silang lahat, basang-basa ng pawis,” said Lin.

When they returned to the dorm, some were surprised to find that their belongings were packed and that someone else lived in the room where they were staying.

“Inilagay sa mga plastik na parang basurahan [mga gamit]. So ipinarating namin sa MECO ‘yan. Ang sabi ng MECO they know and are monitoring the case,” Lin said, referring to the Manila Economic Cultural Office, representing the Philippine government in Taiwan.

There is also a group of OFWs who have been moved to another dorm that used to be a quarantine facility, so they do not want to enter the rooms because there are still used items such as tissue and PPE.

Over 400 OFWs quarantined in

“Kaya yung hindi pa nakapasok, ayaw nang pumasok doon sa dormitory kasi ang ano nila na-disenfect na ba ang lugar,”said Lin.

It is suspected that the dorm is contaminated because 12 people are being crammed into a room that is only supposed to be for four people.

“Kinakawawa ang mga OFW dito. Sa karamihan ng dorms dito na pinagsisikan sila. Hindi naman tayo magkakaproblemang cluster kung hindi mo pinagsisiksik ang mga tao sa isang maliit na kuwarto,” said Lin.

Those who do not have rooms went to the lobby to sleep and rest. At the same time, others hurried to get a swab test to get back to work.

Based on a report by the Directorate-General of Budget, Accounting and Statistics (DGBAS), as of the end of April 2019, 154,000 OFWs are living and working in Taiwan.

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