Over 21M COVID-19 vaccines injected in PH

Vaccine czar Secretary Carlito Galvez Jr. reported Wednesday that the Philippine government had administered more than 21 million doses of -19 vaccines as of August 3, 2021,

“We would like to present to Congress the good news that the Philippines has already administered 21,883,781 doses of various vaccines, 12,058,315 have taken the first dose while 9,825,466 Filipinos are now full vaccinated,” Galvez said during the House committee on health briefing on the -19 situation in the country.

Galvez noted the government already vaccinated 13.87% of the eligible population or individuals aged 18 years old and above and 8.85% of the total Philippine population.

He also noted the “significant” increase in the daily average vaccination with 529,911 doses inoculated from July 28 to August 03.

“Many people and even our detractors said that it is very impossible for us to have the 500,000. Now we are breaching more than 600,000 and nearing 700,000 mark,” Galvez said.

The national government has also reached its highest recorded number of vaccines given per day on August 3, with 673,652 doses injected.

Meanwhile, the Philippines’ moving weekly accomplishment is now at 3,709,376.

So far, the vaccine czar said the Philippines has already received 37,275,800 doses of -19 vaccines since February.

Over 21M -19 vaccines injected in PH

The government expects additional 22,726,000 vaccines this August.

“We analyzed and assessed that in order to meet monthly demand and increasing capacity of all regions, provinces, and districts, the Philippines needs to deliver at least 25 million monthly,” Galvez said.

President Rodrigo Duterte admitted that the government’s supply of -19 vaccines is still insufficient to all Filipinos.

“Ang problema talaga ng Pilipinas, wala tayo supply na maganda,” the President said in the weekly public address on Monday.

“Kasi kung mayroon, maibigay natin sa lahat. If we have numbers in sufficient vaccines, hindi na sila maghintay, ibigay na natin agad. It is just a matter of handling. Our worry is just the handling and how the efficacy of the vaccines is protected. Pero pagdating, gusto natin pagdating ibigay na agad.

“Unahin lang natin ang mga mainit na lugar na marami tao. More persons, more transmission, less crowd, less transmission.”

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