Teenager believed pregnant with fish diagnosed with ovarian cyst

ovarian cyst
After being persuaded that Kimberley did not have a secret lover, the teenager’s family accepted the theory that she had been impregnated by a sea creature.

A teenager from Albay Province — whose superstitious family believed she was pregnant with a fish — has been diagnosed with an ovarian cyst.

Kimberley Robles, aged 17, started gaining about seven months ago with her stomach growing in line with a pregnancy.

At first her family accused her of having a secret boyfriend. However, the teenager convinced them that she didn’t even have any suitors vying for her affections, let alone a lover.

They then turned to local folklore, which holds that girls should avoid swimming in the ocean while menstruating. 

According to elders in the town of Manito, women should keep out of the sea for up to five days after their monthly period. 

They say that failing to do so can cause a wide range of physical ailments — including, it would seem, cross species pregnancy.

ovarian cyst
The ultrasound scan that convinced Kimberley’s family that she was pregnant with a fish.

According to a report on the TV show “Kapuso Mo, Jessica Soho” this strange belief seemed to be vindicated by an ultrasound, which revealed a fish-like object in the girl’s stomach.

Word soon spread throughout the local area, with many accepting the theory that Kimberley had become pregnant after being impregnated by a sea creature. 

Ovarian cyst risks

However, the family then sought a second medical opinion. This revealed that the girl was in fact suffering from a large ovarian cyst.

Most ovarian cysts disappear after a few months and are relatively harmless. However, if left to grow they can rupture, causing a serious risk to health. 

The family are now appealing for help to fund an operation to remove the growth.

Anyone wishing to help can donate to the following bank account: 

BPI Tabaco City Branch

ACCOUNT NAME: Kimberly Robles

ACCOUNT NUMBER: 0839-1883-07

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