Ormoc farmers receive aid from Czech government for agricultural project

Ormoc Farmers Receive Aid from Czech Government for Agricultural Project – photo by Manila Bulletin –  www.philippineslifestyle.com

Jaroslav Olsa, Czech Ambassador to the Philippines, led a formal turnover to a protected cultivation project to the Caingtan Livelihood Association on Wednesday.

The project is located on three hectares in the mountain barangay of Cabinton, about 23km from the city centre.

Originally initiated in 2012 by Energy Development Corp. which built 54 units of different protective tunnels, the project was completed by using ultraviolet filtering plastic.

The tunnels were destroyed during super-typhoon Yolanda on November 8, 2013 – they were restored by Germany’s ‘Afos Foundation‘ for Entrepreneurial Development Cooperation, which added an additional 50 structures.

In all, another 19 structures were added to the three hectare project.


The official turn over is said to have a five-year lifespan – each structure cost about $200 (USD).

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