Operations Research Analyst – How to Find a Job


No doubt, analysts are the high-end problem-solvers. The operations research analyst utilizes the most advanced techniques to analyze the problem and find a viable solution

Since there isn’t a specific way to resolve an issue, analysts need to consider only those cost-effective methods. Furthermore, alternative solutions or strategies are also considered if something doesn’t go as planned.  


If you want to apply for the position of operations research analyst, here is everything you need to know. 

Operations Research Analyst - How to Find a Job

Job Description

The job of a research analyst is to locate and understand the problem. This helps the organizations to resolve the prevailing issues and improve their performance. An operations research analyst performs a similar task.

The job requires the collection of relevant data through various means. One of the most effective ways is to interview the managers or clients associated with the process. In addition, analysts put forward the implications of following a set pattern. 


It helps to seek a consensus for a company’s future operational strategy, which involves using high-performance computers and sophisticated software, including statistical packages and databases. This helps to identify and resolve the current issues faced by the company. 

Analysts work in a way to divide the problems into different sections and parts. By doing so, analysts try to analyze the impact of various circumstantial changes. For instance, airlines schedule flights and charge for tickets depending on the working of an analyst.


The following are the duties of operations research analysts.

  • Performs the duty of identifying and solving the prevailing or future problems within the areas including logistics, business, healthcare, other similar fields
  • Collect and organize the information from different sources including sales histories, customer feedback, and computer databases
  • Thorough examination and analysis of the information to find a problem, its relevant causes, and ways to counter it
  • Obtain necessary input from the employees concerning the gravity of a problem. It helps to seek the specialized and most relevant information regarding any problem
  • Taking into account the simulations, statistical analysis, predictive modeling, or any other ways to analyze the collected information
  • To suggest decision-makers and managers regarding the impact of different implications of any problem-solving strategy
  • Write reports, memos, and similar other documents that explain the recommendations and findings of analysis to the executives, managers, and other concerning officials


The average salary of operations research analysts might reach up to $83,390 per annum. It’s a type of median wage, where half of the employees earn more while the others are paid less. 

The minimum salary obtained by operations research analysts is $46,810. While the maximum salary offered could reach up to $136,250.

Qualifications and EDUCATION Needed

There are numerous entry-level positions that a bachelor’s degree holder can apply for. Nevertheless, a wide range of employers prefer to hire only an application that holds master’s degree.

Mostly, schools offer advanced and bachelor’s degree programs. Some analysts might have a degree in other quantitative or technical fields, including engineering, analytics, computer science, or mathematics.

Because operations research relies on the quantitative analysis, the students require taking part in additional courses for mathematics. These include calculus, statistics, and linear algebra. 

Similarly, studying computer science is also essential. This allows the analyst to use advanced database and statistical software while analyzing and modeling specific data. 

Besides, courses in some other areas, including economics, engineering, and political science, are also useful. This is because the operations research turns out to be a multidisciplinary field. 

In addition, the operations research analysts must continue their education even after seeking the job. It will allow such a jobholder to keep up with the latest technologies, tools, and software.

How to apply

Applying for the job of an operations research analyst is simple. You just need to search for the job through various online job search portals like ZipRecruiter or CollegeGrad

If you find a relevant post, apply for it online by providing your credentials

Operations Research Analyst - How to Find a Job


Operations research analysts play their role in almost every area of an organization. They assist managers and executives while utilizing the resources and developing future strategies. 

Applying for the job of operations research analyst could be a great opportunity if you have the right educational background.