Online Criminology Degree – How to get One

If you wish to take a in Criminology and simply find that you never have the time to do it, do not worry. Now there are many universities offering online criminology degrees in different levels. In fact, you can pursue an associates degree, a bachelors, a certificate, a doctoral, and even a masters in Criminology.

In this review, we tell you about the most reputable online criminology degree courses that you can do and the accreditation they offer. It is important to take the accreditation into consideration when making your decision, as there are many predominant accrediting agencies in criminology. Students are, therefore, required to prioritize this when pursuing their degree programs.

This will also help ensure that you are receiving quality education from a good program. To more about getting an online criminology degree, continue reading below.

Online Criminology Degree - How to get One
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Missouri State University  

This university offers an online bachelor’s degree in criminology and criminal justice. They also offer an online master’s degree in the same area. The annual tuition cost is $8,850.

Graduating with a bachelor’s degree from the University of Missouri ensures that you have the required skills to go on and pursue a career in law enforcement, law, the justice system, victim advocacy, and corrections.  

There are many certifications and options for areas of specialization which include conservation law, criminal investigations, terrorism, and national security. If you want a master’s in the same area, you can simply enroll in the accelerated version of the program, and this gives you the ability to get graduate and undergraduate credit in the same class.

Washington State University

This program offers an online bachelor’s degree criminal justice and criminology as well. Their annual tuition cost is $11,550.  

The bachelor’s degree program at this university is offered remotely and it is part of the virtual global campus experience. Their online degree has a wide curriculum that focuses on all areas and policies in crime and criminal justice.

The coursework actually covers a wide range of social science disciplines which include sociology, political science, psychology, etc. As a graduate, you will have gone through the entire and had a look at the process of justice throughout the country. 

Additionally, you can also pursue a law degree on the same platform if you wish to have a career in corporate security.

Chaminade University of Honolulu

This university offers an online associate’s degree in criminology and criminal justice, as well as an online bachelor’s degree in criminology and criminal justice. The annual tuition fee is $16,500.

The bachelor’s degree from Chaminade University of Honolulu is actually a part of one of the oldest and largest criminal justice programs in Hawaii. Students who wish to pursue a career in criminology and law enforcement can enroll in the programs that are highly flexible.

Complete work usually includes plenty of classes such as witness interviewing, crime scene investigation, evidence procedures, career development, internships, and plenty of other opportunities for students as they start their criminology careers.

University of Florida

This university offers an online bachelor’s degree in criminology. Their annual tuition fee is $15,000.  

Their in-depth course in criminology teaches you all the theories and techniques needed in the world of law and crime. The course is part of a degree program and part of the college of Liberal Arts and Sciences.

It allows the students to have a wide range of perspectives when it comes to the justice system and crime. You will be able to understand how both are affected by politics and society. Additionally, the core classes provide you with the required framework for work in the criminal justice and education. As a student, you will be allowed to choose the elective you want to follow such as juveniles, crime in media, and law enforcement.  

Online Criminology Degree - How to get One
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Getting a degree in criminology has never been easier. I you are already in the field of crime, there has never been a better time for you to advance your knowledge by simply enrolling in one of the programs above. These are all widely recognized and having one of their certifications guarantees you a good job that pays well.