US Navy veteran bludgeoned to death in Olongapo home

Retired US Navy serviceman Sonny Almazan. Picture via his Facebook page.

Police are searching for two women after a 69-year-old US Navy veteran was found bludgeoned to death inside his Olongapo home.

Sonny Almazan was apparently beaten to death with a golf club, which was found with bloodstains inside his bedroom yesterday (Monday, October 8).


Investigators have today said that two unidentified women are being treated as “persons of interest”.

Almazan’s driver Renato Barbadillo told police that his boss had directed him to pick up the two women at about 9pm on Sunday.

After they arrived, Barbadillo was asked to leave Almazan alone with the pair at about 10pm.


The following morning, Barbadillo turned up for work, entering Almazan’s house through the front door that he found unlocked.

Once inside, Barbadillo noticed bloodstains on the floor leading to Almazan’s bedroom.

An Olongapo police report said: “When he saw more bloodstains on the floor and walls inside the bedroom, he reportedly sought the help of neighbours to contact the police for assistance.”

Investigators who arrived at the scene found Almazan slumped in a sitting position on the floor, beside an overturned computer. He was naked from the waist down and covered in blood.

Investigators observed bloody footprints on the bedroom floor, a golf club and a metal cane with bloodstains, and some broken spirit bottles.

The victim’s mobile telephone and a sling bag believed to contain cash were missing.

Investigations are continuing.

Meanwhile, police in Sagada Town, in Mountain Province, are continuing to probe the death of Belgian man, who was found hanged at a guesthouse.

According to the Inquirer, Rouben Marc was found suspended from a nylon rope attached to a staircase on Sunday morning, police said.

Neighbours told investigators that they had not seen Marc for two days, but had noticed that the door leading to his room was ajar.

The police have not yet ruled out foul play.

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