South Korean actress Oh In-hye dies at 36

South Korean actress Oh In-hye died on September 14 at the age of 36 after an alleged suicide attempt. She was 36 years old.

A spokesperson for the parlor at Inha University Hospital told OSEN that the wake is being held at the hospital.

Oh In-hye was found unconscious at around 5 am after suffering cardiac arrest at her home in Songdo International City in Yeonsu District, South Korea, the police report said.

The South Korean actress was given cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) before she was rushed to the emergency room. She regained breathing, and pulse bud did not wake up until she passed away on Tuesday.

Oh In-hye would be laid to rest at the Incheon Family Park.

Police are investigating if the South Korean actress committed suicide, Korean media reported.

“Oh In-hye’s friend found her and reported it, but we do not know why the friend was there. We currently believe that she [attempted suicide],” police said.

Prior to her death, the actress posted on her Instagram on September 12 some selfies and even wished her followers a great weekend. In-hye also published a skincare tutorial on her YouTube account on the same day.

South Korean actress Oh In-hye dies at 36

The South Korean actress starred in movies The Plan (2014), Secret Travel (2013),
No Breathing (2013), Saengsanghalhal (2013), Red Vacance Black Wedding, Bakangseu Geumeun Weding (2011), and Sin of a Family (2011).

In October 2019, K-Pop star and actress Sulli was found  at her home south of Seoul.

Sulli, a former member of the top girl group f(x), was found dead by her manager at her home. She was only 25 years old and reportedly suffering from “severe depression.”

Sulli was Choi Jin-ri in real life. She was known for her outspokenness and advocacy for ’s rights, for which she had suffered cyberbullying and harassment.

A month after, K-pop star and former member of KARA, Goo Hara, was also found dead inside her house Seoul, South Korea.

It was known to the public that the K-pop star attempted to kill herself in March after her ex-boyfriend tried to blackmail her with assault threats and releasing a sex video.