OFW in Jeddah dies after allegedly falling from vehicle

A 27-year-old OFW in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia died after allegedly falling from a vehicle. But the victim’s family is doubtful that the happened.

In a report on GMA Regional TV “Balitang Amianan” on Thursday, the victim was identified as Raymond Ambrocio, a native of Nueva Ecija.

It was on February 16 when Ambrocio’s family received a call in the Philippines about the bad news that had happened to him.

However, his relatives suspected that Ambrocio had been killed.

“Sa tingin ko po yung nangyari sa kaniya pinagplanuhan nung mga kaibigan niyang ibang lahi,” according to Richard, brother of the victim.

The OFW had bruises on his body and traces of strangulation on his neck, Richard said.

Hours before the alleged accident, the victim allegedly sent a video to his relatives while in the vehicle.

In the video, Raymond can be seen sitting in the back of the car with another man next to him.

The OFW’s relative asked that he be given justice and that his remains be returned to the Philippines immediately.

According to Richard, they were told that it may take up to three months before Raymond’s corpses can be brought home due to the difficult processing.

OFW in Jeddah dies after allegedly falling from vehicle

However, Esperanza Cobarrubian, OIC-OWWA-Region 3, assured that the embassy is already handling the of the victim’s remains.

Meanwhile, the Philippine Embassy in Washington reminded Filipinos in America to be extra careful due to the rising incidence of hate crimes against Asians there.

“We note with concern the rise in attacks on Asian Americans in various parts of the country. Filipinos are advised to exercise utmost caution in view of these incidents,” the embassy said.

Earlier, some US media reported incidents of harassment of Asian Americans in some states in the United States.

Several cases of theft have also occurred in Chinatowns in some American cities, and incidents of pandemic-related racism against Asian-Americans are seen on social media.

“However, we call on federal, state and local authorities to further ensure the protection of persons of Asian descent, including Filipinos,” the embassy appealed.