OCTA: Trainings, conventions may be ‘superspreaders’ of COVID-19

The OCTA Research team urged the to re-evaluate its latest decision to allow seminars and conferences in areas under general community quarantine (GCQ), saying these activities could become “superspreaders” of COVID-19.

“We urge the national to rethink its directives that may increase the chances of dangerous superspreader events  as these can trigger another wave. We should be especially  cautious of these directives as we approach the Christmas holiday season,” the team said in its latest research-monitoring report of the pandemic.

“In this regard, we urge the national government to rethink directives such as allowing conferences and seminars to resume in GCQ areas as these events could facilitate social mixing and viral transmission,” the team added.

The OCTA team also asked the government to release clearer guidelines to the public on holiday activities to ensure that there would be no virus transmission.

“We understand the logic of economic promotion in  these directives, but given the reality of significant outbreaks still in many GCQ areas, we believe that these directives are risky and are opposed to good/sensible pandemic management,” they said.

The team also flagged four “high-risk” areas for COVID-19 due to the increasing number of cases and hospital occupancy rates.

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OCTA identifies high-risk areas