Not wearing face mask inside car considered reckless driving

Muntinlupa City Representative Rufino Biazon questioned why not wearing of face mask inside a is considered reckless driving.

During the House Committee on Transportation hearing, the solon insisted that punishment for reckless driving “does not contemplate whether your passenger is not wearing a face mask.”

“Bakit ang penalty ng hindi pagsuot ng face mask is reckless driving? That’s what I heard about, ang magiging violation mo is reckless driving? Ang mape-penalize ba just the driver or even the other occupants?” Biazon asked.

Land Transportation Office chief Edgar Galvante responded and said that a driver is considered reckless for allowing passengers not to wear face masks inside his vehicle.

“Kung kayo po ay driver eh ‘yung kapakanan ng sakay ninyo is kasama po sa dapat niyong gampanan, kaya po ang magiging violation kung sakaling di tumupad, kayo bilang driver, eh unang-una hindi ninyo po dapat payagan, assuming na ang pamantayan po ay dapat lahat magsuot ng mask… Kung ‘di po sila magsusuot ng mask, hindi ninyo po dapat isakay,” Galvante said.

“Kaya kung kayo po bilang driver, nagsakay kayo ng di sumusunod, eh reckless po na ano ‘yun, ang interpretasyon dito eh reckless kayo na inilagay niyo sa alanganin ang inyong pasahero…” he added.

Not wearing face mask inside car considered reckless driving

The government remained in its policy of requiring persons inside a vehicle to wear face masks, even if they are from the same household.

The guidelines are as follows:

  • When traveling alone, the driver may remove his/her face mask; and
  • When the driver is with passenger/s, it is mandatory for all individuals inside the vehicle to properly wear a face mask, regardless if they are from the same household.

According to an infectious disease specialist, although it is good to practice wearing a face mask, it is possible to give consideration to relatives who are also together at .

“I would recommend na mag-mask pa rin. But if you are kamag-anak, you’re living together, halimbawa 2 kapatid, ang , ang father, you’re in the same house and you’re going out in the same car I would not advise siguro na mag-mask,” said Dr. Rontgene Solante of San Lazaro Hospital.