Norwegian allegedly caught with illegal drugs in Cebu city centre

Norwegian Kenneth Olsen was allegedly spotting dropping two sachets of shabu while near Mango Square in Cebu City yesterday evening. Photo via his Facebook page.

A Norwegian man has been arrested after allegedly being caught with shabu while through Cebu city centre.

Kenneth Olsen, aged 37, was detained yesterday evening (Tuesday, October 30) on Juana Osmena Street near Mango Square.

Carlos Balasoto of the Fuente Police Station said a patrolling officer was told by a bystander that they had seen two sachets of white powder fall from his pocket.

When he investigated, the officer said he found two sachets of shabu — the local name for crystal meth — and a cigarette lighter.

Officer Balasoto said that Olsen appeared to be drunk. Under further questioning, his colleague formed the suspicion that the Norwegian was out looking for a pipe so he could smoke the suspected shabu.

When asked how he came to be in possession of the drug, Olsen allegedly answered that he had asked a habal-habal driver (motorcycle-for-hire driver) to buy it for him.

Later, when officers checked on where the Norwegian was staying in the city, they allegedly discovered that he had done a runner on a hotel without paying. 

After police contacted the hotel, staff told them that Olsen checked in at the hotel last Friday and had left without paying some time since then.

Olsen remains in detention at Fuente Police Station pending the filing of drug charges against him. Although not yet confirmed, these are likely to be under section 11 (possession of dangerous drugs) of Republic Act 9165. If found guilty of carrying more than five grams of the drug, Olsen could face life imprisonment.

According to his Facebook timeline, Olsen was an outspoken advocate of legalised marijuana and has been in the Philippines since at least July.

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