Duterte offers 5m bounty for dead ‘ninja cops’ but only 10,000 if taken alive

ninja cops
The president speaking in Davao today when he made his remarks about so-called ninja cops.

President Duterte has offered a five million peso bounty for dead cops involved in the drug trade — but only 10,000 if they are taken alive.

Speaking at the convention of his daughter’s new political party Hugpong Pagbabago in Davao today (Friday, August 17) he said: “If you bring him to me dead, I’ll give you five million pesos. If alive, I’ll give you 10,000.” His words were met by laughter and applause.


The president’s offer came as he vented his frustration over so-called ‘ninja cops’ continuing to profit from the illegal drug trade. “The police are involved in so many crimes. You better shape up because I will rise and fall on the issue of corruption. The police have so many offences. Son of a bitch, I told you to stop!”

“I think those who are engaged in kidnapping, it’s either the ninja police or the scallawags. So the good practice, maybe on ninja cops, I will now raise the amount of bounty to five million pesos per ninja cop.”

The president has previously announced bounties for corrupt cops, raising the reward money from two to three million pesos.


In his speech today, he urged erring police officers to turn themselves in to the authorities “within 48 hours” or else, he said, he would continue to raise the bounty.

“Surrender within 48 hours because if you do not surrender, I will raise the bounty by one million pesos per month. That’s what I want. I have money so I will spend it.”

Earlier today, police spokesman Senior Superintendent Benigno Durana said the Philippine National Police (PNP) would not spare ninja cops from its “relentless and chilling” war on illegal drugs.

Sr. Supt. Durana said the PNP would be “aggressive” in cleansing its ranks of any corrupt police officers.

“While we can be relentless in our campaign against drug users and drug pushers at the street level, we also would want to be relentless and chilling in our desire to rid our ranks of misfits and scallawags, especially those who are involved in illegal drug operation or those who are using illegal drugs,” he said.

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The president’s words on ninja cops begin at about 6m 30s: